Stéphane Duchesne
Stéphane Duchesne
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Trajectories of anxiety during elementary-school years and the prediction of high school noncompletion
S Duchesne, F Vitaro, S Larose, RE Tremblay
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Adolescent Parental Attachment and Academic Motivation and Performance in Early Adolescence
S Duchesne, S Larose
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Parental behaviors and adolescents' achievement goals at the beginning of middle school: Emotional problems as potential mediators
S Duchesne, C Ratelle
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Trajectories of psychological need satisfaction from early to late adolescence as a predictor of adjustment in school
CF Ratelle, S Duchesne
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Attachment security to mothers and fathers and the developmental trajectories of depressive symptoms in adolescence: Which parent for which trajectory?
S Duchesne, CF Ratelle
Journal of youth and adolescence 43, 641-654, 2014
Early adolescent attachment to parents, emotional problems, and teacher-academic worries about the middle school transition
S Duchesne, CF Ratelle, SC Poitras, E Drouin
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Attachment style dimensions, network orientation and the process of seeking help from college teachers
S Larose, A Bernier, N Soucy, S Duchesne
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Adjustment trajectories in college science programs: Perceptions of qualities of parents' and college teachers' relationships
S Duchesne, CF Ratelle, S Larose, F Guay
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Worries About Middle School Transition and Subsequent Adjustment: The Moderating Role of Classroom Goal Structure
S Duchesne, CF Ratelle, A Roy
The Journal of Early Adolescence 32 (5), 681-710, 2012
Trajectories of anxiety in a population sample of children: Clarifying the role of children's behavioral characteristics and maternal parenting
S Duchesne, S Larose, F Vitaro, RE Tremblay
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Extracurricular activities and career indecision: A look at the mediating role of vocational exploration
AS Denault, CF Ratelle, S Duchesne, F Guay
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Predicting school adjustment from multiple perspectives on parental behaviors
CF Ratelle, S Duchesne, F Guay
Journal of adolescence 54, 60-72, 2017
The transition from elementary to high school: The pivotal role of mother and child characteristics in explaining trajectories of academic functioning
S Duchesne, S Larose, F Guay, F Vitaro, RE Tremblay
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Adjustment trajectories during the college transition: Types, personal and family antecedents, and academic outcomes
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Psychological need satisfaction and achievement goals: Exploring indirect effects of academic and social adaptation following the transition to secondary school
S Duchesne, CF Ratelle, B Feng
Journal of Early Adolescence 1, 29, 2016
Attachment to the mother and achievement goal orientations at the beginning of middle school: The mediating role of academic competence and anxiety
C Maltais, S Duchesne, CF Ratelle, B Feng
Learning and Individual Differences 39, 39-48, 2015
Learning climate, academic competence, and anxiety during the transition to middle school: Parental attachment as a protective factor
C Maltais, S Duchesne, CF Ratelle, B Feng
European Review of Applied Psychology 67 (2), 103-112, 2017
Developmental trajectories of achievement goal orientations during the middle school transition: The contribution of emotional and behavioral dispositions
S Duchesne, CF Ratelle, B Feng
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Achievement goals and engagement with academic work in early high school: Does seeking help from teachers matter?
S Duchesne, S Larose, B Feng
The Journal of Early Adolescence 39 (2), 222-252, 2019
Patterns of anxiety symptoms during adolescence: Gender differences and sociomotivational factors
S Duchesne, CF Ratelle
Journal of Applied Developmental Psychology 46, 41-50, 2016
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