Xiaopeng Huang
Xiaopeng Huang
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Volumetric solar heating of nanofluids for direct vapor generation
G Ni, N Miljkovic, H Ghasemi, X Huang, SV Boriskina, CT Lin, J Wang, ...
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Infrared-Transparent Visible-Opaque Fabrics for Wearable Personal Thermal Management
JK Tong*, X Huang*, SV Boriskina, J Loomis, Y Xu, G Chen
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New secrets of spider silk: exceptionally high thermal conductivity and its abnormal change under stretching
X Huang, G Liu, X Wang
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Measuring Phonon Mean Free Path Distributions by Probing Quasiballistic Phonon Transport in Grating Nanostructures
L Zeng, KC Collins, Y Hu, MN Luckyanova, AA Maznev, S Huberman, ...
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Nanostructured polymer films with metal-like thermal conductivity
Y Xu, D Kraemer, B Song, Z Jiang, J Zhou, J Loomis, J Wang, M Li, ...
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Thermal conductivity of a two-dimensional phosphorene sheet: a comparative study with graphene
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Physical origins of current and temperature controlled negative differential resistances in NbO2
S Kumar, Z Wang, N Davila, N Kumari, KJ Norris, X Huang, JP Strachan, ...
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Conduction Channel Formation and Dissolution Due to Oxygen Thermophoresis/Diffusion in Hafnium Oxide Memristors
S Kumar, Z Wang, X Huang, N Kumari, N Davila, JP Strachan, D Vine, ...
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S Kumar, Z Wang, X Huang, N Kumari, N Davila, JP Strachan, D Vine, ...
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Y Yue, X Huang, X Wang
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Thermophysical properties of multi-wall carbon nanotube bundles at elevated temperatures up to 830K
X Huang, J Wang, G Eres, X Wang
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Thermal conductivity and secondary porosity of single anatase TiO2 nanowire
X Feng, X Huang, X Wang
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Thermally conductive separator with hierarchical nano/microstructures for improving thermal management of batteries
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Thermal transport in Si/Ge nanocomposites
X Huang, X Huai, S Liang, X Wang
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Continuous fabrication platform for highly aligned polymer films
J Loomis, H Ghasemi, X Huang, N Thoppey, J Wang, JK Tong, Y Xu, X Li, ...
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Thermal transport in single silkworm silks and the behavior under stretching
G Liu, X Huang, Y Wang, YQ Zhang, X Wang
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Mechanically robust and shape-memory hybrid aerogels for super-insulating applications
J Wu, L Zeng, X Huang, L Zhao, G Huang
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Spatially uniform resistance switching of low current, high endurance titanium–niobium-oxide memristors
S Kumar, N Davila, Z Wang, X Huang, JP Strachan, D Vine, ALD Kilcoyne, ...
Nanoscale, 1793-1798, 2017
Coherent nanointerfaces in thermoelectric materials
X Huang, X Wang, B Cook
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 114 (49), 21003-21012, 2010
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