Savino Longo
Savino Longo
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Collision integrals of high-temperature air species
M Capitelli, C Gorse, S Longo, D Giordano
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Laser induced breakdown spectroscopy on meteorites
A De Giacomo, M Dell'Aglio, O De Pascale, S Longo, M Capitelli
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K Matyash, R Schneider, F Taccogna, A Hatayama, S Longo, M Capitelli, ...
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Experimental investigation and modelling of double pulse laser induced plasma spectroscopy under water
A Casavola, A De Giacomo, M Dell'Aglio, F Taccogna, G Colonna, ...
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Deactivation dynamics of vibrationally excited nitrogen molecules by nitrogen atoms. Effects on non-equilibrium vibrational distribution and dissociation rates of nitrogen …
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On the possibility of using model potentials for collision integral calculations of interest for planetary atmospheres
M Capitelli, D Cappelletti, G Colonna, C Gorse, A Laricchiuta, G Liuti, ...
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Vibrational kinetics, electron dynamics and elementary processes in H2 and D2 plasmas for negative ion production: modelling aspects
M Capitelli, M Cacciatore, R Celiberto, O De Pascale, P Diomede, ...
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Vibrational Level Population of H2 and H+ 2 in the Early Universe
CM Coppola, S Longo, M Capitelli, F Palla, D Galli
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Kinetic simulations of a plasma thruster
F Taccogna, R Schneider, S Longo, M Capitelli
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High temperature Mars atmosphere. Part I: transport cross sections
A Laricchiuta, D Bruno, M Capitelli, C Catalfamo, R Celiberto, G Colonna, ...
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Effect of discharge voltage on capacitively coupled, parallel plate rf hydrogen plasmas
P Diomede, M Capitelli, S Longo
Plasma Sources Science and Technology 14 (3), 459, 2005
Monte Carlo simulation of charged species kinetics in weakly ionized gases
S Longo
Plasma Sources Science and Technology 15 (4), S181, 2006
Laser induced breakdown spectroscopy applications to meteorites: chemical analysis and composition profiles
M Dell’Aglio, A De Giacomo, R Gaudiuso, OD Pascale, GS Senesi, ...
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D Bruno, M Capitelli, F Esposito, S Longo, P Minelli
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Transport properties of high-temperature Jupiter atmosphere components
D Bruno, C Catalfamo, M Capitelli, G Colonna, O De Pascale, P Diomede, ...
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Monte Carlo models of electron and ion transport in non-equilibrium plasmas
S Longo
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Plasma sheaths in Hall discharge
F Taccogna, S Longo, M Capitelli
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Self-similarity in Hall plasma discharges: Applications to particle models
F Taccogna, S Longo, M Capitelli, R Schneider
Physics of Plasmas 12 (5), 053502, 2005
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