Peter Ubel
Peter Ubel
Professor of Business, Public Policy, and Medicine, Duke University
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Measuring numeracy without a math test: development of the Subjective Numeracy Scale
A Fagerlin, BJ Zikmund-Fisher, PA Ubel, A Jankovic, HA Derry, DM Smith
Medical Decision Making 27 (5), 672-680, 2007
Gender differences in time spent on parenting and domestic responsibilities by high-achieving young physician-researchers
S Jolly, KA Griffith, R DeCastro, A Stewart, P Ubel, R Jagsi
Annals of internal medicine 160 (5), 344-353, 2014
What is the price of life and why doesn't it increase at the rate of inflation?
PA Ubel, RA Hirth, ME Chernew, AM Fendrick
Archives of internal medicine 163 (14), 1637-1641, 2003
American Society of Clinical Oncology guidance statement: the cost of cancer care
NJ Meropol, D Schrag, TJ Smith, TM Mulvey, RM Langdon Jr, D Blum, ...
Journal of Clinical Oncology, 2009
Helping patients decide: ten steps to better risk communication
A Fagerlin, BJ Zikmund-Fisher, PA Ubel
Journal of the National Cancer Institute 103 (19), 1436-1443, 2011
Whose quality of life? A commentary exploring discrepancies between health state evaluations of patients and the general public
PA Ubel, G Loewenstein, C Jepson
Quality of life Research 12, 599-607, 2003
Incorporating societal concerns for fairness in numerical valuations of health programmes
E Nord, JL Pinto, J Richardson, P Menzel, P Ubel
Health economics 8 (1), 25-39, 1999
Reducing the influence of anecdotal reasoning on people’s health care decisions: is a picture worth a thousand statistics?
A Fagerlin, C Wang, PA Ubel
Medical decision making 25 (4), 398-405, 2005
The impact of the format of graphical presentation on health-related knowledge and treatment choices
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Sexual harassment and discrimination experiences of academic medical faculty
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Gender differences in the salaries of physician researchers
R Jagsi, KA Griffith, A Stewart, D Sambuco, R DeCastro, PA Ubel
Jama 307 (22), 2410-2417, 2012
When do patients and their physicians agree on diabetes treatment goals and strategies, and what difference does it make?
M Heisler, S Vijan, RM Anderson, PA Ubel, SJ Bernstein, TP Hofer
Journal of general internal medicine 18 (11), 893-902, 2003
Validation of the Subjective Numeracy Scale: effects of low numeracy on comprehension of risk communications and utility elicitations
BJ Zikmund-Fisher, DM Smith, PA Ubel, A Fagerlin
Medical Decision Making 27 (5), 663-671, 2007
Misimagining the unimaginable: the disability paradox and health care decision making.
PA Ubel, G Loewenstein, N Schwarz, D Smith
Health Psychology 24 (4S), S57, 2005
Patient comprehension of emergency department care and instructions: are patients aware of when they do not understand?
KG Engel, M Heisler, DM Smith, CH Robinson, JH Forman, PA Ubel
Annals of emergency medicine 53 (4), 454-461. e15, 2009
The hazards of correcting myths about health care reform
B Nyhan, J Reifler, PA Ubel
Medical care 51 (2), 127-132, 2013
Ignorance of hedonic adaptation to hemodialysis: a study using ecological momentary assessment.
J Riis, G Loewenstein, J Baron, C Jepson, A Fagerlin, PA Ubel
Journal of Experimental Psychology: General 134 (1), 3, 2005
Harnessing the power of default options to improve health care
SD Halpern, PA Ubel, DA Asch
New England Journal of Medicine 357 (13), 1340-1344, 2007
Assessing the economic challenges posed by orphan drugs
MF Drummond, DA Wilson, P Kanavos, P Ubel, J Rovira
International journal of technology assessment in health care 23 (1), 36-42, 2007
Solid-organ transplantation in HIV-infected patients
SD Halpern, PA Ubel, AL Caplan
New England Journal of Medicine 347 (4), 284-287, 2002
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