Ayrat U. Ziganshin
Ayrat U. Ziganshin
Kazan State Medical University
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PPADS selectively antagonizes P2X‐purinoceptor‐mediated responses in the rabbit urinary bladder
AU Ziganshin, CHV Hoyle, X Bo, G Lambrecht, E Mutschler, HG Bäumert, ...
British journal of pharmacology 110 (4), 1491-1495, 1993
Identification of potent, selective P2Y-purinoceptor agonists: structure-activity relationships for 2-thioether derivatives of adenosine 5'-triphosphate
B Fischer, JL Boyer, CHV Hoyle, AU Ziganshin, AL Brizzolara, GE Knight, ...
Journal of medicinal chemistry 36 (24), 3937-3946, 1993
Ecto‐enzymes and metabolism of extracellular ATP
AU Ziganshin, CHV Hoyle, G Burnstock
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Selective antagonism by PPADS at P2X‐purinoceptors in rabbit isolated blood vessels
AU Ziganshin, CHV Hoyle, G Lambrecht, E Mutschler, HG Bäumert, ...
British journal of pharmacology 111 (3), 923-929, 1994
Structure activity relationships for derivatives of adenosine‐5′‐triphosphate as agonists at P2 purinoceptors: Heterogeneity within P2x and P2y subtypes
G Burnstock, B Fischer, CHV Hoyle, M Maillard, AU Ziganshin, ...
Drug development research 31 (3), 206-219, 1994
Characteristics of ecto-ATPase of Xenopus oocytes and the inhibitory actions of suramin on ATP breakdown
AU Ziganshin, LE Ziganshina, BF King, G Burnstock
Pflügers Archiv 429 (3), 412-418, 1995
Inhibitory action of PPADS on relaxant responses to adenine nucleotides or electrical field stimulation in guinea‐pig taenia coli and rat duodenum
U Windscheif, O Pfaff, AU Ziganshin, CHV Hoyle, HG Baumert, ...
British journal of pharmacology 115 (8), 1509-1517, 1995
The activation of P1‐ and P2‐purinoceptors in the guinea‐pig left atrium by diadenosine polyphosphates
CHV Hoyle, AU Ziganshin, J Pintor, G Burnstock
British journal of pharmacology 118 (5), 1294-1300, 1996
A novel P1 purinoceptor activates an outward K+ current in follicular oocytes of Xenopus laevis.
BF King, J Pintor, S Wang, AU Ziganshin, LE Ziganshina, G Burnstock
Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics 276 (1), 93-100, 1996
Synthesis and structure‐activity relationships of pyridoxal‐6‐arylazo‐5′‐phosphate and phosphonate derivatives as P2 receptor antagonists
YC Kim, E Camaioni, AU Ziganshin, X Ji, BF King, SS Wildman, ...
Drug development research 45 (2), 52-66, 1998
Effects of P2-purinoceptor antagonists on degradation of adenine nucleotides by ecto-nucleotidases in folliculated oocytes of Xenopus laevis
AU Ziganshin, LE Ziganshina, BF King, J Pintor, G Burnstock
Biochemical pharmacology 51 (7), 897-901, 1996
Molecular recognition in P2 receptors: ligand development aided by molecular modeling and mutagenesis
KA Jacobson, C Hoffmann, YC Kim, E Camaioni, E Nandanan, SY Jang, ...
Progress in brain research 120, 119-132, 1999
Effects of cyclopiazonic acid on contractility and ecto‐ATPase activity in guinea‐pig urinary bladder and vas deferens
AU Ziganshin, CHV Hoyle, LE Ziganshina, G Burnstock
British journal of pharmacology 113 (3), 669-674, 1994
Vasoconstrictor responses via P2X‐receptors are selectively antagonized by NF023 in rabbit isolated aorta and saphenous artery
R Ziyal, AU Ziganshin, P Nickel, U Ardanuy, E Mutschler, G Lambrecht, ...
British journal of pharmacology 120 (5), 954-960, 1997
The influence of hypothermia on P2 receptor-mediated responses of frog skeletal muscle
AU Ziganshin, RR Kamaliev, SN Grishin, LE Ziganshina, AL Zefirov, ...
European journal of pharmacology 509 (2-3), 187-193, 2005
Temperature dependency of P2 receptor-mediated responses
AU Ziganshin, AV Rychkov, LE Ziganshina, G Burnstock
European journal of pharmacology 456 (1-3), 107-114, 2002
Acute paw oedema formation induced by ATP: re-evaluation of the mechanisms involved
LE Ziganshina, AU Ziganshin, CHV Hoyle, G Burnstock
Inflammation Research 45 (2), 96-102, 1996
Potentiation by 2,2′‐pyridylisatogen tosylate of ATP‐responses at a recombinant P2Y1 purinoceptor
BF King, C Dacquet, AU Ziganshin, DF Weetman, G Bumstock, ...
British journal of pharmacology 117 (6), 1111-1118, 1996
Hypotensive effect of UDP on intraocular pressure in rabbits
A Markovskaya, A Crooke, AI Guzmán-Aranguez, A Peral, AU Ziganshin, ...
European journal of pharmacology 579 (1-3), 93-97, 2008
Term-dependency of P2 receptor-mediated contractile responses of isolated human pregnant uterus
AU Ziganshin, AP Zaitcev, AA Khasanov, AF Shamsutdinov, G Burnstock
European Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology and Reproductive Biology 129 (2 …, 2006
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