Tingting Wang
Tingting Wang
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Simultaneous detection of heavy metals by anodic stripping voltammetry using carbon nanotube thread
D Zhao, X Guo, T Wang, N Alvarez, VN Shanov, WR Heineman
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Electrospun carbon nanofiber modified electrodes for stripping voltammetry
D Zhao, T Wang, D Han, C Rusinek, AJ Steckl, WR Heineman
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Beyond graphene foam, a new form of three-dimensional graphene for supercapacitor electrodes
L Zhang, D DeArmond, NT Alvarez, D Zhao, T Wang, G Hou, R Malik, ...
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Carbon nanotube-loaded nafion film electrochemical sensor for metal ions: europium
T Wang, D Zhao, X Guo, J Correa, BL Riehl, WR Heineman
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Metabolite profiling of 14 Wuyi Rock tea cultivars using UPLC-QTOF MS and UPLC-QqQ MS combined with chemometrics
S Chen, M Li, G Zheng, T Wang, J Lin, S Wang, X Wang, Q Chao, S Cao, ...
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D Zhao, T Wang, K Nahan, X Guo, Z Zhang, Z Dong, S Chen, DT Chou, ...
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In vivo monitoring the biodegradation of magnesium alloys with an electrochemical H2 sensor
D Zhao, T Wang, J Kuhlmann, Z Dong, S Chen, M Joshi, P Salunke, ...
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Carbon nanotubes heavy metal detection with stripping voltammetry: A review paper
T Wang, W Yue
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Synthesis of an organic–inorganic polypyrrole/titanium (IV) biphosphate hybrid for Cr (VI) removal
H Qi, S Wang, H Liu, Y Gao, T Wang, Y Huang
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Bisphenol A and bisphenol S disruptions of the mouse placenta and potential effects on the placenta–brain axis
J Mao, A Jain, ND Denslow, MZ Nouri, S Chen, T Wang, N Zhu, J Koh, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 117 (9), 4642-4652, 2020
Polydopamine integrated nanomaterials and their biomedical applications
X Chen, Y Huang, G Yang, J Li, T Wang, O H Schulz, L K Jennings
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Visual H2 sensor for monitoring biodegradation of magnesium implants in vivo
D Zhao, T Wang, W Hoagland, D Benson, Z Dong, S Chen, DT Chou, ...
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Quantification for non-targeted LC/MS screening without standard substances
J Liigand, T Wang, J Kellogg, J Smedsgaard, N Cech, A Kruve
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Monitoring biodegradation of magnesium implants with sensors
D Zhao, T Wang, X Guo, J Kuhlmann, A Doepke, Z Dong, VN Shanov, ...
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Optically transparent carbon nanotube film electrode for thin layer spectroelectrochemistry
T Wang, D Zhao, N Alvarez, VN Shanov, WR Heineman
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Gold nanoparticles: synthesis and biological applications
T Wang, Y Jiao, Q Chai, X Yu
Nano Life 5 (03), 1542007, 2015
Advances in H2 sensors for bioanalytical applications
D Zhao, T Wang, WR Heineman
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Simplified nitrate-reductase-based nitrate detection by a hybrid thin-layer controlled potential coulometry/spectroscopy technique
T Wang, KT Schlueter, BL Riehl, JM Johnson, WR Heineman
Analytical chemistry 85 (20), 9486-9492, 2013
Standard substances free quantification makes LC/ESI/MS non-targeted screening of pesticides in cereals comparable between labs
T Wang, J Liigand, HL Frandsen, J Smedsgaard, A Kruve
Food chemistry 318, 126460, 2020
Pyrrolizidine alkaloids in honey: Quantification with and without standards
T Wang, HL Frandsen, NR Christiansson, SE Rosendal, M Pedersen, ...
Food Control 98, 227-237, 2019
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