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Stefano Spiezia
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Persistence of increased cardiovascular risk in patients with Cushing’s disease after five years of successful cure
A Colao, R Pivonello, S Spiezia, A Faggiano, D Ferone, M Filippella, ...
The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism 84 (8), 2664-2672, 1999
Cardiovascular risk factors and common carotid artery caliber and stiffness in patients with Cushing’s disease during active disease and 1 year after disease remission
A Faggiano, R Pivonello, S Spiezia, MC De Martino, M Filippella, ...
The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism 88 (6), 2527-2533, 2003
Thyroid nodules and related symptoms are stably controlled two years after radiofrequency thermal ablation
S Spiezia, R Garberoglio, F Milone, V Ramundo, C Caiazzo, AP Assanti, ...
Thyroid 19 (3), 219-225, 2009
Thyroid tissue: US-guided percutaneous laser thermal ablation
CM Pacella, G Bizzarri, S Spiezia, A Bianchini, R Guglielmi, A Crescenzi, ...
Radiology 232 (1), 272-280, 2004
US-guided percutaneous radiofrequency thermal ablation for the treatment of solid benign hyperfunctioning or compressive thyroid nodules
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Minimally-invasive treatments for benign thyroid nodules: a Delphi-based consensus statement from the Italian minimally-invasive treatments of the thyroid (MITT) group
E Papini, CM Pacella, LA Solbiati, G Achille, D Barbaro, S Bernardi, ...
International Journal of Hyperthermia, 2019
Ultrasound-guided laser thermal ablation in the treatment of autonomous hyperfunctioning thyroid nodules and compressive nontoxic nodular goiter
S Spiezia, G Vitale, C Di Somma, A Pio Assanti, A Ciccarelli, G Lombardi, ...
Thyroid 13 (10), 941-947, 2003
Increased arterial intima‐media thickness by B‐M mode echodoppler ultrasonography in acromegaly
A Colao, S Spiezia, G Cerbone, R Pivonello, P Marzullo, D Ferone, ...
Clinical endocrinology 54 (4), 515-524, 2001
Radiofrequency ablation for thyroid nodules: which indications? The first Italian opinion statement
R Garberoglio, C Aliberti, M Appetecchia, M Attard, G Boccuzzi, F Boraso, ...
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Thyroid nodules treated with percutaneous radiofrequency thermal ablation: a comparative study
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The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism 97 (12), 4439-4445, 2012
Prostatic hyperplasia: an unknown feature of acromegaly
A Colao, P Marzullo, D Ferone, S Spiezia, G Cerbone, V Marinò, ...
The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism 83 (3), 775-779, 1998
Radiofrequency ablation and related ultrasound‐guided ablation technologies for treatment of benign and malignant thyroid disease: An international multidisciplinary consensus …
LA Orloff, JE Noel, BC Stack Jr, MD Russell, P Angelos, JH Baek, ...
Head & neck 44 (3), 633-660, 2022
Cardiovascular consequences of early-onset growth hormone excess
A Colao, L Spinelli, A Cuocolo, S Spiezia, R Pivonello, C di Somma, ...
The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism 87 (7), 3097-3104, 2002
Power Doppler improves the diagnostic accuracy of color Doppler ultrasonography in cold thyroid nodules: follow-up results
G Cerbone, S Spiezia, A Colao, A Di Sarno, AP Assanti, R Lucci, ...
Hormone Research 52 (1), 19-24, 1999
Effect of growth hormone (GH) and insulin-like growth factor I on prostate diseases: an ultrasonographic and endocrine study in acromegaly, GH deficiency, and healthy subjects
A Colao, P Marzullo, S Spiezia, D Ferone, A Giaccio, G Cerbone, ...
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Five-year results of radiofrequency and laser ablation of benign thyroid nodules: a multicenter study from the Italian minimally invasive treatments of the thyroid group
S Bernardi, F Giudici, R Cesareo, G Antonelli, M Cavallaro, M Deandrea, ...
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Analysis of color Doppler signal intensity variation after levovist injection: a new approach to the diagnosis of thyroid nodules.
S Spiezia, R Farina, G Cerbone, AP Assanti, V Iovino, M Siciliani, ...
Journal of ultrasound in medicine 20 (3), 223-231, 2001
Circulating insulin-like growth factor-I levels are correlated with the atherosclerotic profile in healthy subjects independently of age
A Colao, S Spiezia, C Di Somma, R Pivonello, P Marzullo, F Rota, ...
Journal of Endocrinological Investigation 28, 440-448, 2005
Growth hormone treatment on atherosclerosis: results of a 5-year open, prospective, controlled study in male patients with severe growth hormone deficiency
A Colao, C Di Somma, S Spiezia, S Savastano, F Rota, MC Savanelli, ...
The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism 93 (9), 3416-3424, 2008
Radiofrequency ablation for benign thyroid nodules according to different ultrasound features: an Italian multicentre prospective study
M Deandrea, F Garino, M Alberto, R Garberoglio, R Rossetto, N Bonelli, ...
European Journal of Endocrinology 180 (1), 79-87, 2019
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