Rolf Holle
Rolf Holle
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GWAS of 126,559 individuals identifies genetic variants associated with educational attainment
CA Rietveld, SE Medland, J Derringer, J Yang, T Esko, NW Martin, ...
science 340 (6139), 1467-1471, 2013
DNA methylation-based measures of biological age: meta-analysis predicting time to death
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High prevalence of undiagnosed diabetes mellitus in Southern Germany: target populations for efficient screening. The KORA survey 2000
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KORA-a research platform for population based health research
R Holle, M Happich, H Löwel, HE Wichmann, ...
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Acute stroke: usefulness of early CT findings before thrombolytic therapy.
R Von Kummer, KL Allen, R Holle, L Bozzao, S Bastianello, C Manelfe, ...
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Micrometastatic breast cancer cells in bone marrow at primary surgery: prognostic value in comparison with nodal status
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Genome-wide association scan meta-analysis identifies three Loci influencing adiposity and fat distribution
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Antimicrobial peptides melittin and cecropin inhibit replication of human immunodeficiency virus 1 by suppressing viral gene expression
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Predictors of 10-year macrovascular and overall mortality in patients with NIDDM: the Munich General Practitioner Project
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Observational study mortality in treated primary aldosteronism: the German Conn's registry
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Prognosis of stroke patients requiring mechanical ventilation in a neurological critical care unit
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Incidence of Type 2 diabetes in the elderly German population and the effect of clinical and lifestyle risk factors: KORA S4/F4 cohort study
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Interobserver agreement in assessing early CT signs of middle cerebral artery infarction.
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Does arterial recanalization improve outcome in carotid territory stroke?
R von Kummer, R Holle, L Rosin, M Forsting, W Hacke
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Meta-analysis and a large association study confirm a role for calpain-10 variation in type 2 diabetes susceptibility
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Ermittlung standardisierter Bewertungssätze aus gesellschaftlicher Perspektive für die gesundheitsökonomische Evaluation
JO Bock, C Brettschneider, H Seidl, D Bowles, R Holle, W Greiner, ...
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Prospective multicentre study on the prediction of relapse after antithyroid drug treatment in patients with Graves' disease
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Association of systemic chemokine concentrations with impaired glucose tolerance and type 2 diabetes: results from the Cooperative Health Research in the Region of Augsburg …
C Herder, B Haastert, S Muller-Scholze, W Koenig, B Thorand, R Holle, ...
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Quality of life several years after myocardial infarction: comparing the MONICA/KORA registry to the general population
B Schweikert, M Hunger, C Meisinger, HH König, O Gapp, R Holle
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A telemedical approach to the screening of diabetic retinopathy: digital fundus photography.
B Liesenfeld, E Kohner, W Piehlmeier, S Kluthe, S Aldington, M Porta, ...
Diabetes care 23 (3), 345-348, 2000
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