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Application of quantum dots for living cell imaging
J Botsoa, V Lysenko, A Geloen, O Marty, JM Bluet, G Guillot
Applied Physics Letters 92 (17), 173902, 2008
From large to low height dispersion for self-organized InAs quantum sticks emitting at 1.55 μm on InP (001)
M Gendry, C Monat, J Brault, P Regreny, G Hollinger, B Salem, G Guillot, ...
Journal of applied physics 95 (9), 4761-4766, 2004
Sol–gel fabrication of thick multilayers applied to Bragg reflectors and microcavities
S Rabaste, J Bellessa, A Brioude, C Bovier, JC Plénet, R Brenier, O Marty, ...
Thin Solid Films 416 (1-2), 242-247, 2002
-doped microcavities fabricated by sol–gel process
J Bellessa, S Rabaste, JC Plenet, J Dumas, J Mugnier, O Marty
Applied Physics Letters 79 (14), 2142-2144, 2001
Authoring highly generative interactive drama
N Szilas, O Marty, JH Réty
Virtual Storytelling. Using Virtual RealityTechnologies for Storytelling …, 2003
Latent track formation in germanium irradiated with 20, 30 and 40 MeV fullerenes in the electronic regime
A Colder, O Marty, B Canut, M Levalois, P Marie, X Portier, SMM Ramos, ...
Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section B: Beam …, 2001
Optical and structural analysis of Eu3+-doped alumina planar waveguides elaborated by the sol–gel process
A Pillonnet-Minardi, O Marty, C Bovier, C Garapon, J Mugnier
Optical Materials 16 (1-2), 9-13, 2001
Experimental and theoretical investigation of carrier confinement in InAs quantum dashes grown on InP (001)
P Miska, J Even, C Platz, B Salem, T Benyattou, C Bru-Chevalier, ...
Journal of applied physics 95 (3), 1074-1080, 2004
Staggered vertical self-organization of stacked InAs/InAlAs quantum wires on InP (001)
J Brault, M Gendry, O Marty, M Pitaval, J Olivares, G Grenet, G Hollinger
Applied surface science 162, 584-589, 2000
Strain, size, and composition of InAs quantum sticks embedded in InP determined via grazing incidence X-ray anomalous diffraction
A Létoublon, V Favre-Nicolin, H Renevier, MG Proietti, C Monat, ...
Physical review letters 92 (18), 186101, 2004
Annealing and doping effects on the structure of europium-doped HfO2 sol–gel material
M Villanueva-Ibanez, C Le Luyer, O Marty, J Mugnier
Optical Materials 24 (1-2), 51-57, 2003
Influence of the interfacial chemical environment on the luminescence of 3 C SiC nanoparticles
Y Zakharko, J Botsoa, S Alekseev, V Lysenko, JM Bluet, O Marty, ...
Journal of Applied Physics 107 (1), 013503, 2010
Structural, optical and electronic properties of hydrogenated polymorphous silicon films deposited at 150 C
R Butté, S Vignoli, M Meaudre, R Meaudre, O Marty, L Saviot, ...
Journal of non-crystalline solids 266, 263-268, 2000
Critical dimension where the macroscopic definition of refractive index can be applied at a nanometric scale
V LeBihan, A Pillonnet, D Amans, G Ledoux, O Marty, C Dujardin
Physical Review B 78 (11), 113405, 2008
Photoluminescence of 6H–SiC nanostructures fabricated by electrochemical etching
J Botsoa, JM Bluet, V Lysenko, O Marty, D Barbier, G Guillot
Journal of Applied Physics 102 (8), 083526, 2007
High pressure–high temperature synthesis of diamond from single-wall pristine and iodine doped carbon nanotube bundles
A Merlen, P Toulemonde, S Le Floch, G Montagnac, T Hammouda, ...
Carbon 47 (7), 1643-1651, 2009
Structural characterizations and waveguiding properties of YAG thin films obtained by different sol–gel processes
YC Wu, S Parola, O Marty, M Villanueva-Ibanez, J Mugnier
Optical Materials 27 (9), 1471-1479, 2005
Bi‐Modal Nonlinear Optical Contrast from Si Nanoparticles for Cancer Theranostics
AY Kharin, VV Lysenko, A Rogov, YV Ryabchikov, A Geloen, I Tishchenko, ...
Advanced Optical Materials 7 (13), 1801728, 2019
Arithmetic algorithms for extended precision using floating-point expansions
M Joldeş, O Marty, JM Muller, V Popescu
IEEE Transactions on Computers 65 (4), 1197-1210, 2015
Preferential killing of cancer cells using silicon carbide quantum dots
B Mognetti, A Barberis, S Marino, F Di Carlo, V Lysenko, O Marty, ...
Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology 10 (12), 7971-7975, 2010
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