Maxim Skorotetcky
Maxim Skorotetcky
Institute of Synthetic Polymeric Materials Russian Academy of Sciences, ISPM RAS
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Nanostructured organosilicon luminophores as a new concept of nanomaterials for highly efficient down-conversion of light
SA Ponomarenko, NM Surin, OV Borshchev, MS Skorotetcky, ...
Nanophotonic Materials XII 9545, 954509, 2015
Novel cross-linked luminescent silicone composites based on reactive nanostructured organosilicon luminophores
MS Skorotetcky, OV Borshchev, NM Surin, IB Meshkov, AM Muzafarov, ...
Silicon 7 (2), 191-200, 2015
Impact of terminal substituents on the electronic, vibrational and optical properties of thiophene–phenylene co-oligomers
AY Sosorev, MK Nuraliev, EV Feldman, DR Maslennikov, OV Borshchev, ...
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 21 (22), 11578-11588, 2019
Influence of the structure of electron-donating aromatic units in organosilicon luminophores based on 2, 1, 3-benzothiadiazole electron-withdrawing core on their absorption …
MS Skorotetcky, ED Krivtsova, OV Borshchev, NM Surin, EA Svidchenko, ...
Dyes and Pigments 155, 284-291, 2018
Synthesis and photostability of 1, 4-bis (5-phenyloxazol-2-yl) benzene (POPOP) structural isomers and their trimethylsilyl derivatives
MS Skorotetcky, OV Borshchev, NM Surin, Y Odarchenko, SA Pisarev, ...
Dyes and Pigments 141, 128-136, 2017
Novel wavelength shifters to improve sensitivity of vacuum photodetectors to Cherenkov light
N Surin, O Borshchev, S Ponomarenko, M Skorotetcky, B Lubsandorzhiev, ...
Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section A: Accelerators …, 2014
Nanostructured organosilicon luminophores for efficient and fast elementary particles photodetectors
SA Ponomarenko, OV Borshchev, NM Surin, MS Skorotetcky, ...
Nanophotonic Materials XIV 10344, 103440N, 2017
Fluorinated thiophene-phenylene co-oligomers for optoelectronic devices
AY Sosorev, VA Trukhanov, DR Maslennikov, OV Borshchev, ...
ACS applied materials & interfaces 12 (8), 9507-9519, 2020
Synthesis and optical properties of highly luminescent phenyloxazole silane polymer
MS Skorotetcky, NM Surin, OV Borshchev, SA Ponomarenko
Mendeleev Communications 27 (4), 377-379, 2017
Highly Efficient wavelength shifters: Design, properties, and applications
OV Borshchev, NM Surin, MS Skorotetcky, SA Ponomarenko
INEOS OPEN 2, 112-123, 2019
Synthesis of Nanostructured Organosilicon Luminophores Based on Phenyloxazoles
MS Skorotetcky, OV Borshchev, GV Cherkaev, SA Ponomarenko
Russian Journal of Organic Chemistry 55 (1), 25-41, 2019
Highly luminescent crystals of a novel linear π-conjugated thiophene–phenylene co-oligomer with a benzothiadiazole fragment
VA Postnikov, NI Sorokina, AA Kulishov, MS Lyasnikova, VV Grebenev, ...
Acta Crystallographica Section B: Structural Science, Crystal Engineering …, 2019
Novel highly efficient blue-emitting branched oligoarylsilanes
MS Skorotetcky, OV Borshchev, NM Surin, SA Ponomarenko
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 1124 (5), 051010, 2018
Ultrafast intramolecular energy transfer in a nanostructured organosilicon luminophore based on p-terphenyl and 1, 4-bis (5-phenyloxazol-2-yl) benzene
SA Ponomarenko, NM Surin, MS Skorotetcky, OV Borshchev, SA Pisarev, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry C 7 (46), 14612-14624, 2019
Crystals of Phenylene–Oxazole Oligomer with a Central Benzothiadiazole Fragment
VA Postnikov, AA Kulishov, MS Lyasnikova, VV Grebenev, ...
Journal of Surface Investigation: X-ray, Synchrotron and Neutron Techniques …, 2020
Impact of N-substitution on structural, electronic, optical, and vibrational properties of a thiophene–phenylene co-oligomer
VA Trukhanov, DI Dominskiy, OD Parashchuk, EV Feldman, NM Surin, ...
RSC Advances 10 (47), 28128-28138, 2020
Growth Anisotropy and Crystal Structure of Linear Conjugated Oligomers
VA Postnikov, MS Lyasnikova, AA Kulishov, NI Sorokina, AE Voloshin, ...
Physics of the Solid State 61 (12), 2321-2324, 2019
Improved tetrathienoacene synthesis
MS Skorotetcky, OV Borshchev, SA Ponomarenko
IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering 525 (1), 012007, 2019
Synthesis, characterization and organic field-effect transistors applications of novel tetrathienoacene derivatives
OV Borshchev, MS Skorotetcky, VA Trukhanov, RS Fedorenko, NM Surin, ...
Dyes and Pigments 185, 108911, 2021
Synthesis, photoluminescence and thermal properties of nanostructured organosilicon luminophore based on 2, 2’-bithienyl and 4, 7-diphenyl-2, 1, 3-benzothiadiazole
OV Borshchev, MS Skorotetcky, EA Svidchenko, NM Surin, ...
IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering 848 (1), 012012, 2020
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