Alexander Gerasimov
Alexander Gerasimov
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Enthalpies of vaporization and sublimation of the halogen-substituted aromatic hydrocarbons at 298.15 K: application of solution calorimetry approach
BN Solomonov, MA Varfolomeev, RN Nagrimanov, VB Novikov, ...
Journal of Chemical & Engineering Data 60 (3), 748-761, 2015
Mn-catalyzed oxidation of heavy oil in porous media: kinetics and some aspects of the mechanism
A Galukhin, MA Khelkhal, A Gerasimov, T Biktagirov, M Gafurov, ...
Energy & Fuels 30 (9), 7731-7737, 2016
The effect of substrate and air humidity on morphology of films of L-leucyl-L-leucine dipeptide
MA Ziganshin, AA Bikmukhametova, AV Gerasimov, VV Gorbatchuk, ...
Protection of Metals and Physical Chemistry of Surfaces 50 (1), 49-54, 2014
Thermally induced diphenylalanine cyclization in solid phase
MA Ziganshin, AV Gerasimov, SA Ziganshina, NS Gubina, GR Abdullina, ...
Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry 125 (2), 905-912, 2016
Specific vapor sorption properties of phosphorus-containing dendrimers
AV Gerasimov, MA Ziganshin, AE Vandyukov, VI Kovalenko, ...
Journal of colloid and interface science 360 (1), 204-210, 2011
Modification of Oligolactic Acid with Tetracarboxylic p-tert-Butylthiacalix [4] arene Derivatives: Effect of Macrocyclic Fragment Configuration on Aggregation and Thermal …
VV Gorbachuk, OA Mostovaya, VG Evtugyn, YN Osin, IK Rizvanov, ...
Macroheterocycles 10 (2), 174-181, 2017
Thermal analysis and calorimetric study of the combustion of hydrolytic wood lignin and products of its pyrolysis
MA Varfolomeev, AN Grachev, AA Makarov, SA Zabelkin, ...
Chemistry and Technology of Fuels and Oils 51 (1), 140-145, 2015
A calorimetric study of the formation of phenacetin solid dispersions with PEG-1400 and pluronic F127
AV Gerasimov, MA Ziganshin, VV Gorbatchuk
World Appl Sci J 24, 920-7, 2013
Thiacalixarene “knot” effect on protein binding by oligolactic acid particles
OA Mostovaya, VV Gorbachuk, OB Bazanova, AV Gerasimov, VG Evtugyn, ...
Materials Chemistry Frontiers 3 (2), 292-300, 2019
Thermally Induced Self-Assembly and Cyclization of l-Leucyl-l-Leucine in Solid State
MA Ziganshin, AS Safiullina, AV Gerasimov, SA Ziganshina, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 121 (36), 8603-8610, 2017
Effect of side groups on the properties of cationic polyaspartamides
C Németh, D Szabó, B Gyarmati, A Gerasimov, M Varfolomeev, T Abdullin, ...
European Polymer Journal 93, 805-814, 2017
Interaction of L-alanyl-L-valine and L-valyl-L-alanine with organic vapors: thermal stability of clathrates, sorption capacity and the change in the morphology of dipeptide films
MA Ziganshin, NS Gubina, AV Gerasimov, VV Gorbatchuk, SA Ziganshina, ...
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 17 (31), 20168-20177, 2015
Magnetic cobalt and cobalt oxide nanoparticles in hyperbranched polyester polyol matrix
OI Medvedeva, SS Kambulova, OV Bondar, AR Gataulina, NA Ulakhovich, ...
Journal of Nanotechnology 2017, 2017
Formation of solid dispersion of PEG-1000 with phenacetin according to differential scanning calorimetry
AV Gerasimov, MA Ziganshin, VV Gorbatchuk, LS Usmanova
Der Pharma Chemica 5 (6), 149-155, 2013
Pyrolysis of kerogen of Bazhenov shale: kinetics and influence of inherent pyrite
A Galukhin, A Gerasimov, I Nikolaev, R Nosov, Y Osin
Energy & Fuels 31 (7), 6777-6781, 2017
Increasing the solubility of dipyridamole using polyethylene glycols
AV Gerasimov, MA Ziganshin, VV Gorbatchuk, LS Usmanova
International Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences 6 (9), 244-247, 2014
Synthesis, self-assembly and the effect of the macrocyclic platform on thermal properties of lactic acid oligomer modified by p-tert-butylthiacalix [4] arene
AA Vavilova, VV Gorbachuk, DN Shurpik, AV Gerasimov, LS Yakimova, ...
Journal of Molecular Liquids 281, 243-251, 2019
Microspherical particles of solid dispersion of polyvinylpyrrolidone K29-32 for inhalation administration
LS Usmanova, MA Ziganshin, IT Rakipov, NM Lyadov, AE Klimovitskii, ...
BioMed research international 2018, 2018
Non-zeolitic properties of the dipeptide l-leucyl–l-leucine as a result of the specific nanostructure formation
MA Ziganshin, AS Safiullina, SA Ziganshina, AV Gerasimov, ...
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 19 (21), 13788-13797, 2017
Thermal analysis of clathrates of tripeptide LLL with organic compounds and water
MA Ziganshin, AV Gerasimov, VV Gorbatchuk, AT Gubaidullin
Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry 119 (3), 1811-1816, 2015
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