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Alexey Masharsky
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A substantial transmission bottleneck among newly and recently HIV-1-infected injection drug users in St Petersburg, Russia
AE Masharsky, EN Dukhovlinova, SV Verevochkin, OV Toussova, ...
The Journal of infectious diseases 201 (11), 1697-1702, 2010
Disruption of transcriptional coactivator Sub1 leads to genome-wide re-distribution of clustered mutations induced by APOBEC in active yeast genes
AG Lada, SF Kliver, A Dhar, DE Polev, AE Masharsky, IB Rogozin, ...
PLoS genetics 11 (5), 2015
Two independent HIV epidemics in Saint Petersburg, Russia revealed by molecular epidemiology
E Dukhovlinova, A Masharsky, O Toussova, S Verevochkin, T Solovyeva, ...
AIDS research and human retroviruses 31 (6), 608-614, 2015
Molecular cloning and analysis of full-length genome of HIV type 1 strains prevalent in countries of the former Soviet Union
AE Masharsky, NA Klimov, AP Kozlov
AIDS research and human retroviruses 19 (10), 933-939, 2003
The feasibility of HIV vaccine efficacy trials among Russian injection drug users
C Beyrer, S Baral, A Shaboltas, E Dukhovlinova, A Masharsky, ...
Vaccine 25 (41), 7014-7016, 2007
The rate of epidemiological and virological changes during the transition from nascent to concentrated HIV epidemic stage in the former Soviet Union countries
AA Nabatov, AE Masharsky, SV Verevochkin, AV Emelyanov, ...
AIDS research and human retroviruses 23 (2), 183-192, 2007
Immunogenicity of candidate DNA vaccine based on subtype A of human immunodeficiency virus type 1 predominant in Russia
B Murashev, E Kazennova, A Kozlov, I Murasheva, E Dukhovlinova, ...
Biotechnology Journal: Healthcare Nutrition Technology 2 (7), 871-878, 2007
The complete mitochondrial genome of Vannella simplex (Amoebozoa, Discosea, Vannellida)
N Bondarenko, A Glotova, E Nassonova, A Masharsky, A Kudryavtsev, ...
European journal of protistology 63, 83-95, 2018
Mitochondrial Genome of Vannella croatica (Amoebozoa, Discosea, Vannellida)
NI Bondarenko, ES Nassonova, O Mijanovic, AA Glotova, ...
Journal of Eukaryotic Microbiology 65 (6), 820-827, 2018
The complete mitochondrial genome of Clydonella sawyeri (Amoebozoa, Discosea, Vannellida)
B Natalya, G Anna, K Oksana, M Yelisei, L Kirill, M Alexey, P Dmitry, ...
Protistology 12 (1), 2018
Serotypical stratification of HIV-1 in populations of intravenous drug users in the south/southwestern Ukraine
MI Shchelkanov, NG Iaroslavtseva, AA Nabatov, AE Masharskiĭ, AN Iudin, ...
Voprosy virusologii 43 (4), 176-182, 1998
The complete mitochondrial genome of Paravannella minima (Amoebozoa, Discosea, Vannellida)
N Bondarenko, A Glotova, E Nassonova, A Masharsky, D Polev, ...
European journal of protistology 68, 80-87, 2019
Scytalidium candidum 3C is a new name for the Geotrichum candidum Link 3C strain
IY Pavlov, KS Bobrov, AD Sumacheva, AE Masharsky, DE Polev, ...
Journal of basic microbiology 58 (10), 883-891, 2018
Mitochondrial DNA D‐loop haplogroup contributions to the genetic diversity of East European domestic chickens from Russia
AG Dyomin, MI Danilova, JM Mwacharo, AE Masharsky, AV Panteleev, ...
Journal of Animal Breeding and Genetics 134 (2), 98-108, 2017
Host‐Dependent Serum Specificity to the V3 Domain of HIV‐1
AA Nabatov, AE Masharsky, SV Verevochkin, AV Emelyanov, AP Kozlov
Scandinavian journal of immunology 60 (5), 471-476, 2004
Construction of peptides mimicking a HIV-1 gp41 epitope recognized by virus-neutralizing antibodies 2F5
OY Tumanova, VN Kuvshinov, MS Azaev, AE Masharsky, NA Klimov, ...
Molecular Biology 35 (1), 130-133, 2001
A Comparative Characterization of the Mitochondrial Genomes of Paramoeba aparasomata and Neoparamoeba pemaquidensis (Amoebozoa, Paramoebidae)
N Bondarenko, E Volkova, A Masharsky, A Kudryavtsev, A Smirnov
Journal of Eukaryotic Microbiology, 2019
A cohort approach to real-time detection of acute hiv infections among people who inject drugs in St. Petersburg, Russia
OV Toussova, AP Kozlov, SV Verevochkin, KE Lancaster, AV Shaboltas, ...
AIDS research and human retroviruses 34 (3), 261-268, 2018
Targeted sequencing analysis of ACVR2A gene identifies novel risk variants associated with preeclampsia
AS Glotov, SV Kazakov, ES Vashukova, VS Pakin, MM Danilova, ...
The Journal of Maternal-Fetal & Neonatal Medicine 32 (17), 2790-2796, 2019
Characterization of the Transmitted Virus in an Ongoing HIV-1 Epidemic Driven by Injecting Drug Use
E Dukhovlinova, A Masharsky, A Vasileva, A Porrello, S Zhou, ...
AIDS research and human retroviruses 34 (10), 867-878, 2018
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