jerome monnot
jerome monnot
directeur de recherche, Lamsade, université Paris-Dauphine
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Dynamic modeling of a disturbance in a multi-agent system for traffic regulation
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Approximation algorithms and hardness results for labeled connectivity problems
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Possible winners when new candidates are added: The case of scoring rules
Y Chevaleyre, J Lang, N Maudet, J Monnot
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Complexity and approximation results for the connected vertex cover problem in graphs and hypergraphs
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Time slot scheduling of compatible jobs
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New candidates welcome! Possible winners with respect to the addition of new candidates
Y Chevaleyre, J Lang, N Maudet, J Monnot, L Xia
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Reoptimization of minimum and maximum traveling salesman's tours
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Optimal reallocation under additive and ordinal preferences
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J Monnot
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Approximation algorithms for some vehicle routing problems
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On strong equilibria in the max cut game
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Performance characterization and first clinical evaluation of a intra-operative compact gamma imager
L Menard, Y Charon, M Solal, M Ricard, P Laniece, R Mastrippolito, ...
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The minimum reload s–t path, trail and walk problems
L Gourvès, A Lyra, C Martinhon, J Monnot
Discrete Applied Mathematics 158 (13), 1404-1417, 2010
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