Lucy Bricheno
Lucy Bricheno
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Robustness and uncertainties in global multivariate wind-wave climate projections
J Morim, M Hemer, XL Wang, N Cartwright, C Trenham, A Semedo, ...
Nature Climate Change 9 (9), 711-718, 2019
UKCP18 science overview report
JA Lowe, D Bernie, P Bett, L Bricheno, S Brown, D Calvert, R Clark, ...
Met Office Hadley Centre: Exeter, UK, 1-73, 2018
Projected changes in area of the Sundarban mangrove forest in Bangladesh due to SLR by 2100
A Payo, A Mukhopadhyay, S Hazra, T Ghosh, S Ghosh, S Brown, ...
Climatic Change 139, 279-291, 2016
Modelling the increased frequency of extreme sea levels in the Ganges–Brahmaputra–Meghna delta due to sea level rise and other effects of climate change
S Kay, J Caesar, J Wolf, L Bricheno, RJ Nicholls, AKMS Islam, A Haque, ...
Environmental Science: Processes & Impacts 17 (7), 1311-1322, 2015
Future wave conditions of Europe, in response to high‐end climate change scenarios
LM Bricheno, J Wolf
Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans 123 (12), 8762-8791, 2018
UKCP18 marine report
M Palmer, T Howard, J Tinker, J Lowe, L Bricheno, D Calvert, T Edwards, ...
Met Office Hadley Centre, 2018
A global ensemble of ocean wave climate projections from CMIP5-driven models
J Morim, C Trenham, M Hemer, XL Wang, N Mori, M Casas-Prat, ...
Scientific data 7 (1), 105, 2020
Tidal intrusion within a mega delta: An unstructured grid modelling approach
LM Bricheno, J Wolf, S Islam
Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science 182, 12-26, 2016
SEASTAR: a mission to study ocean submesoscale dynamics and small-scale atmosphere-ocean processes in coastal, shelf and polar seas
C Gommenginger, B Chapron, A Hogg, C Buckingham, B Fox-Kemper, ...
Frontiers in Marine Science 6, 457, 2019
Projected sea level rise and changes in extreme storm surge and wave events during the 21st century in the region of Singapore
H Cannaby, MD Palmer, T Howard, L Bricheno, D Calvert, J Krijnen, ...
Ocean Science 12 (3), 613-632, 2016
Assessment of the physical disturbance of the northern European Continental shelf seabed by waves and currents
JN Aldridge, ER Parker, LM Bricheno, SL Green, J Van Der Molen
Continental Shelf Research 108, 121-140, 2015
Modeling daily soil salinity dynamics in response to agricultural and environmental changes in coastal Bangladesh
A Payo, AN Lázár, D Clarke, RJ Nicholls, L Bricheno, S Mashfiqus, ...
Earth's Future 5 (5), 495-514, 2017
Effect of high-resolution meteorological forcing on nearshore wave and current model performance
LM Bricheno, A Soret, J Wolf, O Jorba, JM Baldasano
Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology 30 (6), 1021-1037, 2013
Can wave coupling improve operational regional ocean forecasts for the north-west European Shelf?
HW Lewis, JM Castillo Sanchez, J Siddorn, RR King, M Tonani, A Saulter, ...
Ocean Science 15 (3), 669-690, 2019
Saline intrusion in the Ganges-Brahmaputra-Meghna megadelta
LM Bricheno, J Wolf, Y Sun
Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science 252, 107246, 2021
Impacts of climate change on storms and waves relevant to the coastal and marine environment around the UK
J Wolf, D Woolf, L Bricheno
MCCIP Science Review 2020, 132-157, 2020
Contributions to 21st century projections of extreme sea-level change around the UK
T Howard, MD Palmer, LM Bricheno
Environmental Research Communications 1 (9), 095002, 2019
The UKC2 regional coupled environmental prediction system
HW Lewis, JM Castillo Sanchez, J Graham, A Saulter, J Bornemann, ...
Geoscientific Model Development 11 (1), 1-42, 2018
Uncertainties in shoreline projections to 2100 at Truc Vert Beach (France): Role of sea‐level rise and equilibrium model assumptions
M d'Anna, B Castelle, D Idier, J Rohmer, G Le Cozannet, R Thieblemont, ...
Journal of Geophysical Research: Earth Surface 126 (8), e2021JF006160, 2021
Distribution of natural disturbance due to wave and tidal bed currents around the UK
LM Bricheno, J Wolf, J Aldridge
Continental Shelf Research 109, 67-77, 2015
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