Srdjan Kostic
Srdjan Kostic
Senior Research Associate/Associate Professor; Jaroslav Černi Water Institute; Belgrade
Подтвержден адрес электронной почты в домене
Prediction model for compressive strength of basic concrete mixture using artifical neural networks
S Kostić, D Vasović
Neural Computing and Applications, 2014
Activation process in excitable systems with multiple noise sources: Large number of units
I Franović, M Perc, K Todorović, S Kostić, N Burić
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Prediction of blast-induced ground motion in a copper mine
R Lapčević, S Kostić, R Pantović, N Vasović
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Predictions of experimentally observed stochastic ground vibrations induced by blasting
S Kostić, M Perc, N Vasović, S Trajković
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Environmental impact of blasting at Drenovac limestone quarry (Serbia)
D Vasović, S Kostić, M Ravilić, S Trajković
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Slope stability analysis based on experimental design
S Kostić, N Vasović, D Sunarić
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Triggered dynamics in a model of different fault creep regimes
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Friction memory effect in complex dynamics of earthquake model
S Kostić, I Franović, K Todorović, N Vasović
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Stochastic nature of earthquake ground motion
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Hydrological flow rate estimation using artificial neural networks: model development and potential applications
S Kostic, M Stojković, S Prohaska
Applied Mathematics and Computation 291, 373-385, 2016
A new approach to grid search method in slope stability analysis using Box–Behnken statistical design
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S Kostić, N Vasović, I Franović, K Todorović
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Robust optimization of concrete strength estimation using response surface methodology and Monte Carlo simulation
S Kostić, N Vasović, B Marinković
Engineering Optimization 49 (5), 864-877, 2017
A joint stochastic-deterministic approach for long-term and short-term modelling of monthly flow rates
M Stojković, S Kostić, J Plavšić, S Prohaska
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Application of artificial neural networks for slope stability analysis in geotechnical practice
S Kostić, N Vasović, K Todorović, A Samčović
2016 13th Symposium on Neural Networks and Applications (NEUREL), 1-6, 2016
A new approach for trend assessment of annual streamflows: A case study of hydropower plants in Serbia
M Stojković, S Kostić, S Prohaska, J Plavšić, V Tripković
Water Resources Management 31 (4), 1089-1103, 2017
Stability of earth slopes under the effect of main environmental properties of weathered clay–marl deposits in Belgrade (Serbia)
S Kostić, N Vasović, D Jevremović
Environmental Earth Sciences 75 (6), 492, 2016
Temporal distribution of recorded magnitudes in Serbia earthquake catalog
S Kostić, N Vasović, M Perc
Applied Mathematics and Computation, 917–924, 2014
Earthquake nucleation in a stochastic fault model of globally coupled units with interaction delays
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Phase response curves for models of earthquake fault dynamics
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Chaos, 063105-1-12, 2016
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