Nikolay Vyahhi
Nikolay Vyahhi
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SPAdes: a new genome assembly algorithm and its applications to single-cell sequencing
A Bankevich, S Nurk, D Antipov, AA Gurevich, M Dvorkin, AS Kulikov, ...
Journal of computational biology 19 (5), 455-477, 2012
QUAST: quality assessment tool for genome assemblies
A Gurevich, V Saveliev, N Vyahhi, G Tesler
Bioinformatics 29 (8), 1072-1075, 2013
Candidate phylum TM6 genome recovered from a hospital sink biofilm provides genomic insights into this uncultivated phylum
JS McLean, MJ Lombardo, JH Badger, A Edlund, M Novotny, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 110 (26), E2390-E2399, 2013
Sibelia: a scalable and comprehensive synteny block generation tool for closely related microbial genomes
I Minkin, A Patel, M Kolmogorov, N Vyahhi, S Pham
International Workshop on Algorithms in Bioinformatics, 215-229, 2013
PanFunPro: PAN-genome analysis based on FUNctional PROfiles
O Lukjancenko, MC Thomsen, MV Larsen, DW Ussery
F1000Research 2 (265), 265, 2013
C-Sibelia: an easy-to-use and highly accurate tool for bacterial genome comparison
I Minkin, H Pham, E Starostina, N Vyahhi, S Pham
F1000Research 2, 2013
From de Bruijn graphs to rectangle graphs for genome assembly
N Vyahhi, A Pyshkin, S Pham, PA Pevzner
International Workshop on Algorithms in Bioinformatics, 249-261, 2012
Tracking moving objects in anonymized trajectories
N Vyahhi, S Bakiras, P Kalnis, G Ghinita
International Conference on Database and Expert Systems Applications, 158-171, 2008
The NGS WikiBook: a dynamic collaborative online training effort with long-term sustainability
JW Li, D Bolser, M Manske, FM Giorgi, N Vyahhi, B Usadel, BJ Clavijo, ...
Briefings in bioinformatics 14 (5), 548-555, 2013
Swarming along the evolutionary branches sheds light on genome rearrangement scenarios
N Vyahhi, A Goëffon, M Nikolski, DJ Sherman
Proceedings of the 11th Annual conference on Genetic and evolutionary …, 2009
genome comparison [version 1; referees: 2 approved]
I Minkin, H Pham, E Starostina, N Vyahhi, S Pham
International, interdisciplinary, multi-level bioinformatics training and education Maria Victoria Schneider and John R. Jungck 527 Papers Best practices in bioinformatics …
A Via, T Blicher, E Bongcam-Rudloff, MD Brazas, C Brooksbank, A Budd, ...
Comparison of Machine Learning Techniques for Document Ranking Problem
M Kalinkin, J Kiseleva, N Vyahhi, B Lang
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