Ryan T Bailey
Ryan T Bailey
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Assessing regional‐scale spatio‐temporal patterns of groundwater–surface water interactions using a coupled SWAT‐MODFLOW model
RT Bailey, TC Wible, M Arabi, RM Records, J Ditty
Hydrological processes 30 (23), 4420-4433, 2016
Coupled SWAT-MODFLOW model for large-scale mixed agro-urban river basins
F Aliyari, RT Bailey, A Tasdighi, A Dozier, M Arabi, K Zeiler
Environmental Modelling & Software 115, 200-210, 2019
Comprehensive simulation of nitrate transport in coupled surface-subsurface hydrologic systems using the linked SWAT-MODFLOW-RT3D model
X Wei, RT Bailey, RM Records, TC Wible, M Arabi
Environmental Modelling & Software 122, 104242, 2019
Numerical modeling of atoll island hydrogeology
RT Bailey, JW Jenson, AE Olsen
Groundwater 47 (2), 184-196, 2009
Assessing selenium contamination in the irrigated stream–aquifer system of the Arkansas River, Colorado
TK Gates, BM Cody, JP Donnelly, AW Herting, RT Bailey, J Mueller Price
Journal of Environmental quality 38 (6), 2344-2356, 2009
Comparison of abstraction scenarios simulated by SWAT and SWAT-MODFLOW
E Molina-Navarro, RT Bailey, HE Andersen, H Thodsen, A Nielsen, ...
Hydrological Sciences Journal 64 (4), 434-454, 2019
SWATMOD‐Prep: Graphical user interface for preparing coupled SWAT‐MODFLOW simulations
R Bailey, H Rathjens, K Bieger, I Chaubey, J Arnold
JAWRA Journal of the American Water Resources Association 53 (2), 400-410, 2017
Modeling variably saturated multispecies reactive groundwater solute transport with MODFLOW‐UZF and RT3D
RT Bailey, ED Morway, RG Niswonger, TK Gates
Groundwater 51 (5), 752-761, 2013
The role of interior watershed processes in improving parameter estimation and performance of watershed models
H Yen, RT Bailey, M Arabi, M Ahmadi, MJ White, JG Arnold
Journal of Environmental Quality 43 (5), 1601-1613, 2014
The influence of nitrate on selenium in irrigated agricultural groundwater systems
RT Bailey, WJ Hunter, TK Gates
Journal of Environmental Quality 41 (3), 783-792, 2012
A QGIS-based graphical user interface for application and evaluation of SWAT-MODFLOW models
S Park, A Nielsen, RT Bailey, D Trolle, K Bieger
Environmental modelling & software 111, 493-497, 2019
Ensemble smoother assimilation of hydraulic head and return flow data to estimate hydraulic conductivity distribution
R Bailey, D Baù
Water Resources Research 46 (12), 2010
The heterogeneous impacts of groundwater management policies in the Republican River Basin of Colorado
RA Hrozencik, DT Manning, JF Suter, C Goemans, RT Bailey
Water Resources Research 53 (12), 10757-10778, 2017
Estimating the ground water resources of atoll islands
RT Bailey, JW Jenson, AE Olsen
Water 2 (1), 1-27, 2010
Modeling variably saturated subsurface solute transport with MODFLOW‐UZF and MT3DMS
ED Morway, RG Niswonger, CD Langevin, RT Bailey, RW Healy
Groundwater 51 (2), 237-251, 2013
Selenium contamination, fate, and reactive transport in groundwater in relation to human health
RT Bailey
Hydrogeology Journal 25 (4), 1191, 2017
Rainwater catchment system design using simulated future climate data
CD Wallace, RT Bailey, M Arabi
Journal of Hydrology 529, 1798-1809, 2015
Spatial and temporal variability of in-stream water quality parameter influence on dissolved oxygen and nitrate within a regional stream network
RT Bailey, M Ahmadi
Ecological modelling 277, 87-96, 2014
Spatio‐temporal patterns of the interaction between groundwater and surface water in plains
C Guevara Ochoa, A Medina Sierra, L Vives, E Zimmermann, R Bailey
Hydrological Processes 34 (6), 1371-1392, 2020
DSSAT-MODFLOW: A new modeling framework for exploring groundwater conservation strategies in irrigated areas
Z Xiang, RT Bailey, S Nozari, Z Husain, I Kisekka, V Sharda, P Gowda
Agricultural Water Management 232, 106033, 2020
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