Jingyi Guo
Jingyi Guo
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Relationship between shear elastic modulus and passive muscle force: an ex-vivo study
TK Koo, JY Guo, JH Cohen, KJ Parker
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TK Koo, JY Guo, JH Cohen, KJ Parker
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JY Guo, YP Zheng, HB Xie, X Chen
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Cross-fuzzy entropy: A new method to test pattern synchrony of bivariate time series
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Test-Retest Reliability, Repeatability, and Sensitivity of an Automated Deformation-Controlled Indentation on Pressure Pain Threshold Measurement
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Recognition of finger flexion motion from ultrasound image: a feasibility study
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A comparative evaluation of sonomyography, electromyography, force, and wrist angle in a discrete tracking task
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Ultrasound in medicine & biology 37 (6), 884-891, 2011
Towards the application of one-dimensional sonomyography for powered upper-limb prosthetic control using machine learning models
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Recognition of finger flexion from ultrasound image with optical flow: A preliminary study
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Age and sex effects on the active stiffness of vastus intermedius under isometric contraction
CZ Wang, JY Guo, TJ Li, Y Zhou, W Shi, YP Zheng
BioMed research international 2017, 2017
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