Ivan G. Scheblykin
Ivan G. Scheblykin
Lund University, Chemical Physics
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Thermally activated exciton dissociation and recombination control the carrier dynamics in organometal halide perovskite
TJ Savenije, CS Ponseca Jr, L Kunneman, M Abdellah, K Zheng, Y Tian, ...
The journal of physical chemistry letters 5 (13), 2189-2194, 2014
Mechanistic insights into perovskite photoluminescence enhancement: light curing with oxygen can boost yield thousandfold
Y Tian, M Peter, E Unger, M Abdellah, K Zheng, T Pullerits, A Yartsev, ...
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 17 (38), 24978-24987, 2015
Excited state and charge photogeneration dynamics in conjugated polymers
IG Scheblykin, A Yartsev, T Pullerits, V Gulbinas, V Sundström
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 111 (23), 6303-6321, 2007
It's a trap! On the nature of localised states and charge trapping in lead halide perovskites
H Jin, E Debroye, M Keshavarz, IG Scheblykin, MBJ Roeffaers, J Hofkens, ...
Materials Horizons 7 (2), 397-410, 2020
Giant photoluminescence blinking of perovskite nanocrystals reveals single-trap control of luminescence
Y Tian, A Merdasa, M Peter, M Abdellah, K Zheng, CS Ponseca Jr, ...
Nano letters 15 (3), 1603-1608, 2015
Enhanced organo-metal halide perovskite photoluminescence from nanosized defect-free crystallites and emitting sites
Y Tian, A Merdasa, E Unger, M Abdellah, K Zheng, S McKibbin, ...
The journal of physical chemistry letters 6 (20), 4171-4177, 2015
Collective fluorescence blinking in linear J-aggregates assisted by long-distance exciton migration
H Lin, R Camacho, Y Tian, TE Kaiser, F Würthner, IG Scheblykin
Nano letters 10 (2), 620-626, 2010
Fluorescence blinking, exciton dynamics, and energy transfer domains in single conjugated polymer chains
H Lin, SR Tabaei, D Thomsson, O Mirzov, PO Larsson, IG Scheblykin
Journal of the American Chemical Society 130 (22), 7042-7051, 2008
Super-Resolution Luminescence Microspectroscopy Reveals the Mechanism of Photoinduced Degradation in CH3NH3PbI3 Perovskite Nanocrystals
A Merdasa, M Bag, Y Tian, E Källman, A Dobrovolsky, IG Scheblykin
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 120 (19), 10711-10719, 2016
Artifacts in absorption measurements of organometal halide perovskite materials: what are the real spectra?
Y Tian, IG Scheblykin
The journal of physical chemistry letters 6 (17), 3466-3470, 2015
Excitons in molecular aggregates of 3, 3 ‘-Bis-[3-sulfopropyl]-5, 5 ‘-dichloro-9-ethylthiacarbocyanine (THIATS): Temperature dependent properties
IG Scheblykin, OY Sliusarenko, LS Lepnev, AG Vitukhnovsky, ...
The journal of physical chemistry B 105 (20), 4636-4646, 2001
State of the Art and Prospects for Halide Perovskite Nanocrystals
A Dey, J Ye, A De, E Debroye, SK Ha, E Bladt, AS Kshirsagar, Z Wang, ...
ACS nano, 2021
Defect-induced local variation of crystal phase transition temperature in metal-halide perovskites
A Dobrovolsky, A Merdasa, EL Unger, A Yartsev, IG Scheblykin
Nature communications 8 (1), 1-8, 2017
Polarization portraits of single multichromophoric systems: visualizing conformation and energy transfer
O Mirzov, R Bloem, PR Hania, D Thomsson, H Lin, IG Scheblykin
Small 5 (16), 1877-1888, 2009
Alignment of a conjugated polymer onto amyloid‐like protein fibrils
A Herland, P Björk, PR Hania, IG Scheblykin, O Inganäs
Small 3 (2), 318-325, 2007
Photoluminescence spectra of a conjugated polymer: from films and solutions to single molecules
O Mirzov, IG Scheblykin
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 8 (47), 5569-5576, 2006
Fate of Excitations in Conjugated Polymers: Single-Molecule Spectroscopy Reveals Nonemissive “Dark” Regions in MEH-PPV Individual Chains
H Lin, Y Tian, K Zapadka, G Persson, D Thomsson, O Mirzov, PO Larsson, ...
Nano letters 9 (12), 4456-4461, 2009
Dimensionality and temperature dependence of the radiative lifetime of J-aggregates with Davydov splitting of the exciton band
IG Scheblykin, MM Bataiev, M Van der Auweraer, AG Vitukhnovsky
Chemical Physics Letters 316 (1-2), 37-44, 2000
“Supertrap” at Work: Extremely Efficient Nonradiative Recombination Channels in MAPbI3 Perovskites Revealed by Luminescence Super-Resolution Imaging and …
A Merdasa, Y Tian, R Camacho, A Dobrovolsky, E Debroye, EL Unger, ...
ACS nano 11 (6), 5391-5404, 2017
Temperature-Dependent Exciton Dynamics in J-Aggregates When Disorder Plays a Role
TE Kaiser, IG Scheblykin, D Thomsson, F Würthner
The journal of physical chemistry B 113 (48), 15836-15842, 2009
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