Noraica Davila
Noraica Davila
Research Assistant, Michigan State University
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Analogue signal and image processing with large memristor crossbars
C Li, M Hu, Y Li, H Jiang, N Ge, E Montgomery, J Zhang, W Song, ...
Nature electronics 1 (1), 52-59, 2018
Dot-product engine for neuromorphic computing: Programming 1T1M crossbar to accelerate matrix-vector multiplication
M Hu, JP Strachan, Z Li, EM Grafals, N Davila, C Graves, S Lam, N Ge, ...
Proceedings of the 53rd annual design automation conference, 1-6, 2016
Memristor‐based analog computation and neural network classification with a dot product engine
M Hu, CE Graves, C Li, Y Li, N Ge, E Montgomery, N Davila, H Jiang, ...
Advanced Materials 30 (9), 1705914, 2018
Repeatable, accurate, and high speed multi-level programming of memristor 1T1R arrays for power efficient analog computing applications
EJ Merced-Grafals, N Dávila, N Ge, RS Williams, JP Strachan
Nanotechnology 27 (36), 365202, 2016
Physical origins of current and temperature controlled negative differential resistances in NbO2
S Kumar, Z Wang, N Davila, N Kumari, KJ Norris, X Huang, JP Strachan, ...
Nature communications 8 (1), 658, 2017
Conduction channel formation and dissolution due to oxygen thermophoresis/diffusion in hafnium oxide memristors
S Kumar, Z Wang, X Huang, N Kumari, N Davila, JP Strachan, D Vine, ...
ACS nano 10 (12), 11205-11210, 2016
Oxygen migration during resistance switching and failure of hafnium oxide memristors
S Kumar, Z Wang, X Huang, N Kumari, N Davila, JP Strachan, D Vine, ...
Applied Physics Letters 110 (10), 103503, 2017
Photothermal actuation of V O2: Cr-coated microcantilevers in air and aqueous media
E Merced, N Dávila, D Torres, R Cabrera, FE Fernández, N Sepúlveda
Smart materials and structures 21 (10), 105009, 2012
Low variability resistor–memristor circuit masking the actual memristor states
KM Kim, JJ Yang, E Merced, C Graves, S Lam, N Davila, M Hu, N Ge, Z Li, ...
Advanced Electronic Materials 1 (6), 1500095, 2015
Looking ahead for resistive memory technology: A broad perspective on reram technology for future storage and computing
HH Li, Y Chen, C Liu, JP Strachan, N Davila
IEEE Consumer Electronics Magazine 6 (1), 94-103, 2016
Temperature and field-dependent transport measurements in continuously tunable tantalum oxide memristors expose the dominant state variable
CE Graves, N Dávila, EJ Merced-Grafals, ST Lam, JP Strachan, ...
Applied Physics Letters 110 (12), 123501, 2017
An efficient analog Hamming distance comparator realized with a unipolar memristor array: a showcase of physical computing
N Ge, JH Yoon, M Hu, EJ Merced-Grafals, N Davila, JP Strachan, Z Li, ...
Scientific Reports 7 (1), 40135, 2017
Spatially uniform resistance switching of low current, high endurance titanium–niobium-oxide memristors
S Kumar, N Davila, Z Wang, X Huang, JP Strachan, D Vine, ALD Kilcoyne, ...
Nanoscale 9 (5), 1793-1798, 2017
A micro-mechanical resonator with programmable frequency capability
E Merced, R Cabrera, N Davila, FE Fernández, N Sepulveda
Smart materials and structures 21 (3), 035007, 2012
Programming and Projection of Near IR Images UsingFilms
N Dávila, R Cabrera, N Sepúlveda
IEEE Photonics Technology Letters 24 (20), 1830-1833, 2012
Body changes in adolescent patients with growth hormone receptor deficiency receiving recombinant human insulin‐like growth factor I and luteinizing hormone‐releasing hormone …
V Martinez, O Vasconez, AL Martinez, Z Moreno, N Davila, ...
Acta Pædiatrica 83, 133-136, 1994
Large memristor crossbars for analog computing
C Li, Y Li, H Jiang, W Song, P Lin, Z Wang, JJ Yang, Q Xia, M Hu, ...
2018 IEEE International Symposium on Circuits and Systems (ISCAS), 1-4, 2018
A multiple-state micro-mechanical programmable memory
R Cabrera, E Merced, N Dávila, FE Fernández, N Sepúlveda
Microelectronic engineering 88 (11), 3231-3234, 2011
Electronically variable optical attenuator enabled by self-sensing in vanadium dioxide
N Davila, E Merced, N Sepulveda
IEEE Photonics Technology Letters 26 (10), 1011-1014, 2014
Aqueous-Develop, Photosensitive Polynorbornene Dielectric: Optimization of Mechanical and Electrical Properties
M Raeis-Zadeh, ND Melendez, YC Chen, PA Kohl
Journal of electronic materials, 1-13, 2011
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