Erin K. Shoulberg
Erin K. Shoulberg
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Pilot physical activity intervention reduces severity of ADHD symptoms in young children
AL Smith, B Hoza, K Linnea, JD McQuade, M Tomb, AJ Vaughn, ...
Journal of attention disorders 17 (1), 70-82, 2013
A randomized trial examining the effects of aerobic physical activity on attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder symptoms in young children
B Hoza, AL Smith, EK Shoulberg, KS Linnea, TE Dorsch, JA Blazo, ...
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Working memory and social functioning in children
JD McQuade, D Murray-Close, EK Shoulberg, B Hoza
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Physiological reactivity and different forms of aggression in girls: Moderating roles of rejection sensitivity and peer rejection
JJ Sijtsema, EK Shoulberg, D Murray-Close
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Using physical activity to manage ADHD symptoms: the state of the evidence
B Hoza, CP Martin, A Pirog, EK Shoulberg
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Longitudinal links between older sibling features and younger siblings' academic adjustment during early adolescence.
HA Bouchey, EK Shoulberg, KM Jodl, JS Eccles
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The role of coparents in African American single-mother families: the indirect effect of coparent identity on youth psychosocial adjustment.
J Parent, DJ Jones, R Forehand, J Cuellar, EK Shoulberg
Journal of Family Psychology 27 (2), 252, 2013
The association between valuing popularity and relational aggression: The moderating effects of actual popularity and physiological reactivity to exclusion
EK Shoulberg, JJ Sijtsema, D Murray-Close
Journal of experimental child psychology 110 (1), 20-37, 2011
Does childhood positive self-perceptual bias mediate adolescent risky behavior in youth from the MTA study?
B Hoza, JD McQuade, D Murray-Close, E Shoulberg, BSG Molina, ...
Journal of consulting and clinical psychology 81 (5), 846, 2013
Biased self‐perceptions of social competence and engagement in physical and relational aggression: The moderating role of peer status and sex
JD McQuade, AK Achufusi, EK Shoulberg, D Murray‐Close
Aggressive Behavior 40 (6), 512-525, 2014
Negative peer status and relational victimization in children and adolescents: The role of stress physiology
N Lafko, D Murray-Close, EK Shoulberg
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Associations between physical fitness and children’s psychological well-being
T LaVigne, B Hoza, AL Smith, EK Shoulberg, W Bukowski
Journal of Clinical Sport Psychology 10 (1), 32-47, 2016
The protective role of teacher preference for at‐risk children's social status
CC Moore, EK Shoulberg, D Murray‐Close
Aggressive behavior 38 (6), 481-493, 2012
Aerobic fitness and inhibition in young children: moderating roles of ADHD status and age
AA Brassell, EK Shoulberg, MB Pontifex, AL Smith, AG Delli Paoli, B Hoza
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Exploration of the factor structure of ADHD in adolescence through self, parent, and teacher reports of symptomatology
JQVA Nichols, EK Shoulberg, AA Garner, B Hoza, KB Burt, ...
Journal of abnormal child psychology 45, 625-641, 2017
Social costs for wannabes: Moderating effects of popularity and gender on the links between popularity goals and negative peer experiences
NL Breslend, EK Shoulberg, JD McQuade, D Murray-Close
Journal of youth and adolescence 47, 1894-1906, 2018
Does a social self‐perceptual bias mask internalizing symptoms in children with attention‐deficit/hyperactivity disorder?
CP Martin, V Peisch, EK Shoulberg, N Kaiser, B Hoza
Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry 60 (6), 630-637, 2019
Biosocial interactions between relational victimization and physiological stress reactivity in relation to anxious/depressive symptoms and cognitive biases in adolescent girls
NL Breslend, EK Shoulberg, C Wagner, D Murray-Close, LA Holterman
Merrill-Palmer Quarterly 64 (1), 41-69, 2018
Moderate‐to‐vigorous physical activity and processing speed: predicting adaptive change in ADHD levels and related impairments in preschoolers
B Hoza, EK Shoulberg, CL Tompkins, CP Martin, A Krasner, M Dennis, ...
Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry 61 (12), 1380-1387, 2020
Distinct methods for assessing compliance with a physical activity guideline for children in preschools
CL Tompkins, EK Shoulberg, LE Meyer, CP Martin, M Dennis, A Krasner, ...
Journal of Physical Activity and Health 16 (10), 902-907, 2019
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