Elena Agina
Elena Agina
Enikolopov Institute of Synthetic Polymeric Materials Russian Academy of Sciences
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Liquid-crystalline dimers composed of bent-core mesogenic units
B Kosata, GM Tamba, U Baumeister, K Pelz, S Diele, G Pelzl, G Galli, ...
Chemistry of materials 18 (3), 691-701, 2006
Oligothiophene-based monolayer field-effect transistors prepared by Langmuir-Blodgett technique
AS Sizov, EV Agina, F Gholamrezaie, VV Bruevich, OV Borshchev, ...
Applied Physics Letters 103 (4), 134_1, 2013
Easily Processable Highly Ordered Langmuir-Blodgett Films of Quaterthiophene Disiloxane Dimer for Monolayer Organic Field-Effect Transistors
AS Sizov, DS Anisimov, EV Agina, OV Borshchev, AV Bakirov, ...
Langmuir 30 (50), 15327-15334, 2014
Polymer surface engineering for efficient printing of highly conductive metal nanoparticle inks
EV Agina, AS Sizov, MY Yablokov, OV Borshchev, AA Bessonov, ...
ACS applied materials & interfaces 7 (22), 11755-11764, 2015
Organized monolayers of carbosilane dendrimers with mesogenic terminal groups
KL Genson, J Holzmueller, I Leshchiner, E Agina, N Boiko, VP Shibaev, ...
Macromolecules 38 (19), 8028-8035, 2005
Luminescent organic semiconducting langmuir monolayers
EV Agina, AA Mannanov, AS Sizov, O Vechter, OV Borshchev, AV Bakirov, ...
ACS applied materials & interfaces 9 (21), 18078-18086, 2017
Formation of self-assembled organosilicon-functionalized quinquethiophene monolayers by fast processing techniques
EV Agina, IA Usov, OV Borshchev, J Wang, A Mourran, MA Shcherbina, ...
Langmuir 28 (46), 16186-16195, 2012
Order and Dynamics of a Liquid Crystalline Dendrimer by Means of 2H NMR Spectroscopy
V Domenici, M Cifelli, C Alberto Veracini, NI Boiko, EV Agina, VP Shibaev
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 112 (47), 14718-14728, 2008
Synthesis of organosilicon derivatives of [1] benzothieno [3, 2-b][1]-benzothiophene for efficient monolayer Langmuir–Blodgett organic field effect transistors
OV Borshchev, AS Sizov, EV Agina, AA Bessonov, SA Ponomarenko
Chemical Communications 53 (5), 885-888, 2017
Synthesis, structure, and phase behavior of carbosilane LC dendrimers with terminal butoxyphenylbenzoate mesogenic groups
EV Agina, NI Boiko, RM Richardson, BI Ostrovskii, VP Shibaev, ...
Polymer Science Series A 49 (4), 412-424, 2007
Synthesis and phase behavior of carbosilane LC dendrimers with terminal mesogenic groups based on anisic acid derivatives
EV Agina, SA Ponomarenko, NI Bojko, EA Rebrov, AM Muzafarov, ...
Высокомолекулярные соединения. Серия А 43 (10), 2001
Organosilicon dimer of BTBT as a perspective semiconductor material for toxic gas detection with monolayer organic field-effect transistors
AA Trul, AS Sizov, VP Chekusova, OV Borshchev, EV Agina, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry C 6 (36), 9649-9659, 2018
Direct-write printing of reactive oligomeric alkoxysilanes as an affordable and highly efficient route for promoting local adhesion of silver inks on polymer substrates
MN Kirikova, EV Agina, AA Bessonov, AS Sizov, OV Borshchev, AA Trul, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry C 4 (11), 2211-2218, 2016
Liquid crystal codendrimers with a statistical distribution of phenolic and mesogenic groups: behavior as Langmuir and Langmuir− Blodgett films
I Leshchiner, E Agina, N Boiko, RM Richardson, KJ Edler, VP Shibaev
Langmuir 24 (19), 11082-11088, 2008
Structural investigation of carbosilane liquid crystalline dendrimers
RM Richardson, EV Agina, NI Boiko, VP Shibaev, I Grillo
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 112 (51), 16346-16356, 2008
Highly Sensitive Air-Stable Easily Processable Gas Sensors Based on Langmuir–Schaefer Monolayer Organic Field-Effect Transistors for Multiparametric H2S and NH3 Real-Time Detection
AS Sizov, AA Trul, V Chekusova, OV Borshchev, AA Vasiliev, EV Agina, ...
ACS applied materials & interfaces 10 (50), 43831-43841, 2018
Self-assembled semiconducting monolayers in organic electronics
AS Sizov, EV Agina, SA Ponomarenko
Russian Chemical Reviews 87 (12), 1226, 2018
Thiophene-based monolayer OFETs prepared by Langmuir techniques
EV Agina, AS Sizov, DS Anisimov, AA Trul, OV Borshchev, DY Paraschuk, ...
Organic Field-Effect Transistors XIV; and Organic Sensors and Bioelectronics …, 2015
Macromolecular systems with the p-type conductivity
EV Agina, SA Ponomarenko, AM Muzafarov
Russian Chemical Bulletin 59 (6), 1080-1098, 2010
Columnar phases in liquid crystal dendrimers: variable pressure x-ray diffraction
RM Richardson, S Hanna, NJ Brooks, B Gauthe, C Pizzey, E Agina, ...
Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals 541 (1), 177/[415]-187/[425], 2011
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