Dan Liu (刘聃)
Dan Liu (刘聃)
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Two-Dimensional Phosphorus Carbide: Competition between sp2 and sp3 Bonding
J Guan, D Liu, Z Zhu, D Tománek
Nano Letters 16 (5), 3247-3252, 2016
Designing isoelectronic counterparts to layered group V semiconductors
Z Zhu, J Guan, D Liu, D Tománek
Acs Nano 9 (8), 8284-8290, 2015
Continuum approach for long-wavelength acoustic phonons in quasi-two-dimensional structures
D Liu, AG Every, D Tománek
Physical Review B 94 (16), 165432, 2016
Shear instability in twisted bilayer graphene
X Lin, D Liu, D Tománek
Physical Review B 98 (19), 195432, 2018
Unusually stable helical coil allotrope of phosphorus
D Liu, J Guan, J Jiang, D Tománek
Nano Letters 16 (12), 7865-7869, 2016
Effect of net charge on the relative stability of 2D boron allotropes
D Liu, D Tománek
Nano Letters 19 (2), 1359-1365, 2019
Microscopic mechanism of the helix-to-layer transformation in elemental group VI solids
D Liu, X Lin, D Tománek
Nano Letters 18 (8), 4908-4913, 2018
Efficient growth and characterization of one-dimensional transition metal tellurides inside carbon nanotubes
N Kanda, Y Nakanishi, D Liu, Z Liu, T Inoue, Y Miyata, D Tománek, ...
Nanoscale 12 (33), 17185-17190, 2020
Two-dimensional mechanical metamaterials with unusual Poisson ratio behavior
Z Gao, D Liu, D Tománek
Physical Review Applied 10 (6), 064039, 2018
In-plane breathing and shear modes in low-dimensional nanostructures
D Liu, C Daniels, V Meunier, AG Every, D Tománek
Carbon 157, 364-370, 2020
Enhanced Emission from Bright Excitons in Asymmetrically Strained Colloidal CdSe/CdxZn1–xSe Quantum Dots
I Fedin, M Goryca, D Liu, S Tretiak, VI Klimov, SA Crooker
ACS nano 15 (9), 14444-14452, 2021
Long-wavelength deformations and vibrational modes in empty and liquid-filled microtubules and nanotubes: A theoretical study
D Liu, AG Every, D Tománek
Physical Review B 95 (20), 205407, 2017
Strain-controlled magnetic ordering in 2D carbon metamaterials
D Liu, E Kim, PF Weck, D Tománek
Carbon 161, 219-223, 2020
Catalytic formation of narrow Nb nanowires inside carbon nanotubes
D Liu, D Tománek
Carbon 159, 195-200, 2020
Towards room-temperature superconductivity in low-dimensional nanoarrays: An ab initio study
D Erbahar, D Liu, S Berber, D Tománek
Physical Review B 97 (14), 140505, 2018
Ferroelectricity induced by the absorption of water molecules on double helix SnIP
D Liu, R Wei, L Han, C Zhu, S Dong
Chinese Physics B 32 (3), 037701, 2023
Unusual electric polarization behavior in elemental quasi-2D allotropes of selenium
DT Dan Liu, Lin Han, Ran Wei, Shixin Song, Jie Guan, Shuai Dong
Phys. Rev. Materials 6 (10), 103403, 2022
Ferroelectricity in oxygen-terminated two-dimensional carbides of lanthanide elements
L Han, W Sun, P Liu, X Lin, D Liu, D Tománek
Physical Review Materials 8 (5), 054005, 2024
Adjustable 1D ferroelectricity and ferrielectricity in faceted GeSe nanotubes
S Song, C Gui, S Dong, D Liu, J Guan
Journal of Materials Chemistry C 12 (18), 6487-6494, 2024
Continuum approach for long-wavelength acoustic phonons in quasi-2D structures
D Liu, AG Every, D Tomanek
arXiv preprint arXiv:1610.00800, 2016
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