Solodukhin AN
Solodukhin AN
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Design of donor–acceptor star-shaped oligomers for efficient solution-processible organic photovoltaics
SA Ponomarenko, YN Luponosov, J Min, AN Solodukhin, NM Surin, ...
Faraday Discussions 174, 313-339, 2014
Effects of electron-withdrawing group and electron-donating core combinations on physical properties and photovoltaic performance in D-π-A star-shaped small molecules
YN Luponosov, J Min, AN Solodukhin, OV Kozlov, MA Obrezkova, ...
Organic Electronics 32, 157-168, 2016
Branched triphenylamine-based oligomers for organic electronics
YN Luponosov, AN Solodukhin, SA Ponomarenko
Polymer Science Series C 56 (1), 104-134, 2014
Perovskite white light-emitting diodes based on a molecular blend perovskite emissive layer
CY Chang, AN Solodukhin, SY Liao, KPO Mahesh, CL Hsu, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry C 7 (28), 8634-8642, 2019
Star-shaped D–π–A oligothiophenes with a tris (2-methoxyphenyl) amine core and alkyldicyanovinyl groups: synthesis and physical and photovoltaic properties
YN Luponosov, J Min, AN Solodukhin, AV Bakirov, PV Dmitryakov, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry C 4 (29), 7061-7076, 2016
Synthesis of oligomeric chlorophosphazenes in the presence of ZnCl2
IS Sirotin, YV Bilichenko, OV Suraeva, AN Solodukhin, VV Kireev
Polymer Science Series B 55 (1), 63-68, 2013
Eugenol derivatives of higher chlorocyclophosphazenes and related epoxy oligomers
IS Sirotin, YV Bilichenko, AN Solodukhin, VV Kireev, MI Buzin, RS Borisov
Polymer Science Series B 55 (5), 241-251, 2013
Simple donor-acceptor molecule with long exciton diffusion length for organic photovoltaics
OV Kozlov, YN Luponosov, AN Solodukhin, B Flament, O Douhéret, ...
Organic Electronics 53, 185-190, 2018
Ultrafast Exciton‐to‐Polaron Conversion in Densely Packed Small Organic Semiconducting Molecules
OV Kozlov, YN Luponosov, AN Solodukhin, B Flament, Y Olivier, ...
Advanced Optical Materials 5 (7), 1700024, 2017
Charge photogeneration and recombination in single-material organic solar cells and photodetectors based on conjugated star-shaped donor-acceptor oligomers
AL Mannanov, PS Savchenko, YN Luponosov, AN Solodukhin, ...
Organic Electronics 78, 105588, 2020
Triphenylamine-based push–pull molecule for photovoltaic applications: from synthesis to ultrafast device photophysics
OV Kozlov, X Liu, YN Luponosov, AN Solodukhin, VY Toropynina, J Min, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 121 (12), 6424-6435, 2017
Highly soluble and thermally stable alkyl-free star-shaped D-π-A oligomer with electron-withdrawing phenyldicyanovinyl groups for organic photovoltaics
YN Luponosov, AN Solodukhin, AL Mannanov, VA Trukhanov, ...
Organic Electronics 51, 180-189, 2017
A star-shaped D–π–A small molecule based on a tris (2-methoxyphenyl) amine core for highly efficient solution-processed organic solar cells
J Min, YN Luponosov, AN Solodukhin, N Kausch-Busies, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry C 2 (36), 7614-7620, 2014
Effect of fused triphenylamine core in star-shaped donor-π-acceptor molecules on their physicochemical properties and performance in bulk heterojunction organic solar cells
YN Luponosov, AN Solodukhin, AL Mannanov, PS Savchenko, ...
Dyes and Pigments 177, 108260, 2020
Unsymmetrical donor–acceptor oligothiophenes end-capped with triphenylamine and phenyldicyanovinyl units
AN Solodukhin, YN Luponosov, MI Buzin, SM Peregudova, ...
Mendeleev Communications 28 (4), 415-417, 2018
Design of low band gap small molecules with alkyldicyanovinyl acceptor and different donor groups for efficient bulk heterojunction organic solar cells
YN Luponosov, J Min, AN Solodukhin, SN Chvalun, T Ameri, CJ Brabec, ...
Organic Photovoltaics XVI 9567, 95670W, 2015
Visualization of molecular excitons diffusion
E Salamatova, OV Kozlov, YN Luponosov, AN Solodukhin, ...
Physical Chemistry of Interfaces and Nanomaterials XV 9923, 99230K, 2016
Triphenylamine-based luminophores with different side and central aromatic blocks: Synthesis, thermal, photophysical and photochemical properties
YN Luponosov, AN Solodukhin, DO Balakirev, NM Surin, EA Svidchenko, ...
Dyes and Pigments 179, 108397, 2020
Effect of branching on the physical and photovoltaic properties of donor–acceptor oligomers based on triphenylamine
AN Solodukhin, YN Luponosov, AL Mannanov, SN Chvalun, ...
Mendeleev Communications 29 (4), 385-387, 2019
In search of efficient solubilizing groups for liquid and luminescent oligo (phenylene-thiophene) chromophores
YN Luponosov, DO Balakirev, IV Dyadishchev, AN Solodukhin, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry C 8 (47), 17074-17082, 2020
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