Igor Khramtsov
Igor Khramtsov
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Dynamics of single-photon emission from electrically pumped color centers
IA Khramtsov, M Agio, DY Fedyanin
Physical Review Applied 8 (2), 024031, 2017
Enhancing the brightness of electrically driven single-photon sources using color centers in silicon carbide
IA Khramtsov, AA Vyshnevyy, DY Fedyanin
npj Quantum Information 4 (1), 1-8, 2018
Electrical charge state manipulation of single silicon vacancies in a silicon carbide quantum optoelectronic device
M Widmann, M Niethammer, DY Fedyanin, IA Khramtsov, T Rendler, ...
Nano Letters 19 (10), 7173-7180, 2019
Superinjection in diamond homojunction PIN diodes
IA Khramtsov, DY Fedyanin
Semiconductor Science and Technology 34 (3), 03LT03, 2019
Kinetics of single-photon emission from electrically pumped NV centers in diamond
IA Khramtsov, M Agio, DY Fedyanin
AIP Conference Proceedings 1874 (1), 040014, 2017
Superinjection in Diamond p-i-n Diodes: Bright Single-Photon Electroluminescence of Color Centers Beyond the Doping Limit
IA Khramtsov, DY Fedyanin
Physical Review Applied 12 (2), 024013, 2019
Superinjection of Holes in Homojunction Diodes Based on Wide-Bandgap Semiconductors
IA Khramtsov, DY Fedyanin
Materials 12 (12), 1972, 2019
Superinjection in single-photon emitting diamond diodes
IA Khramtsov, DY Fedyanin
2018 International Conference on Numerical Simulation of Optoelectronic …, 2018
Toward ultrafast tuning and triggering single-photon electroluminescence of color centers in silicon carbide
I Khramtsov, DY Fedyanin
ACS Applied Electronic Materials 1 (9), 1859-1865, 2019
Bright Single-Photon Emitting Diodes Based on the Silicon-Vacancy Center in AlN/Diamond Heterostructures
IA Khramtsov, DY Fedyanin
Nanomaterials 10 (2), 361, 2020
Gate-Tunable Single-Photon Emitting Diode with an Extremely Low Tuning Time
IA Khramtsov, DY Fedyanin
CLEO: QELS_Fundamental Science, JTh2A. 21, 2020
Electrical excitation and charge-state conversion of silicon vacancy color centers in single-crystal diamond membranes
K Bray, DY Fedyanin, IA Khramtsov, MO Bilokur, B Regan, M Toth, ...
Applied Physics Letters 116 (10), 101103, 2020
Electrically Driven Single-Photon Sources Based on Color Centers in Silicon Carbide: Pursuing Gigacount-per-Second Emission Rates
DY Fedyanin, IA Khramtsov, AA Vyshnevyy
European Quantum Electronics Conference, eb_7_4, 2019
Highly-Responsive Nanoscale Germanium Photodetector for Integrated Silicon Photonics
IA Khramtsov, IM Fradkin, DY Fedyanin
Optical Sensors, JTu5A. 23, 2018
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