Pavel Gavryushkin
Pavel Gavryushkin
Sobolev Institute of Geology and Mineralogy
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The system K2CO3-MgCO3 at 6 GPa and 900–1450 °C
A Shatskiy, IS Sharygin, PN Gavryushkin, KD Litasov, YM Borzdov, ...
American Mineralogist 98 (8-9), 1593-1603, 2013
Thermal equation of state and thermodynamic properties of iron carbide Fe3C to 31 GPa and 1473 K
KD Litasov, IS Sharygin, PI Dorogokupets, A Shatskiy, PN Gavryushkin, ...
Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth 118 (10), 5274-5284, 2013
Aragonite-II and CaCO3-VII: New High-Pressure, High-Temperature Polymorphs of CaCO3
PN Gavryushkin, NS Martirosyan, TM Inerbaev, ZI Popov, SV Rashchenko, ...
Crystal Growth & Design 17 (12), 6291-6296, 2017
Melting and subsolidus phase relations in the system Na2CO3-MgCO3±H2O at 6 GPa and the stability of Na2Mg(CO3)2 in the upper mantle
A Shatskiy, PN Gavryushkin, IS Sharygin, KD Litasov, IN Kupriyanov, ...
American Mineralogist 98 (11-12), 2172-2182, 2013
Raman spectroscopy and x-ray diffraction of at lower mantle pressures
SS Lobanov, X Dong, NS Martirosyan, AI Samtsevich, V Stevanovic, ...
Physical Review B 96 (10), 104101, 2017
Thermal equation of state and thermodynamic properties of molybdenum at high pressures
KD Litasov, PI Dorogokupets, E Ohtani, Y Fei, A Shatskiy, IS Sharygin, ...
Journal of Applied Physics 113 (9), 093507, 2013
PVT equation of state of CaCO3 aragonite to 29 GPa and 1673 K: In situ X-ray diffraction study
KD Litasov, A Shatskiy, PN Gavryushkin, AE Bekhtenova, ...
Physics of the Earth and Planetary Interiors 265, 82-91, 2017
Hydrothermal Synthesis and Structure Solution of Na2Ca(CO3)2: “Synthetic Analogue” of Mineral Nyerereite
PN Gavryushkin, VG Thomas, NB Bolotina, VV Bakakin, AV Golovin, ...
Crystal Growth & Design 16 (4), 1893-1902, 2016
Equations of state of iron nitrides ε‐Fe3Nx and γ‐Fe4Ny to 30 GPa and 1200 K and implication for nitrogen in the Earth's core
KD Litasov, A Shatskiy, DS Ponomarev, PN Gavryushkin
Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth 122 (5), 3574-3584, 2017
Synthesis and Crystal Structure of New Carbonate Ca3Na2(CO3)4 Homeotypic with Orthoborates M3Ln2(BO3)4 (M = Ca, Sr, and Ba)
PN Gavryushkin, VV Bakakin, NB Bolotina, AF Shatskiy, YV Seryotkin, ...
Crystal Growth & Design 14 (9), 4610-4616, 2014
Na-Ca carbonates synthesized under upper-mantle conditions: Raman spectroscopic and X-ray diffraction studies
A Shatskiy, PN Gavryushkin, KD Litasov, ON Koroleva, IN Kupriyanov, ...
European Journal of Mineralogy 27 (2), 175-184, 2015
P–V–T equation of state of siderite to 33 GPa and 1673 K
KD Litasov, A Shatskiy, PN Gavryushkin, IS Sharygin, PI Dorogokupets, ...
Physics of the Earth and Planetary Interiors 224, 83-87, 2013
New high-pressure phases of Fe 7 N 3 and Fe 7 C 3 stable at Earth's core conditions: evidences for carbon–nitrogen isomorphism in Fe-compounds
N Sagatov, PN Gavryushkin, TM Inerbaev, KD Litasov
RSC advances 9 (7), 3577-3581, 2019
Noncentrosymmetric Na2Ca4(CO3)5 Carbonate of “M13M23XY3Z” Structural Type and Affinity between Borate and Carbonate Structures for Design of New …
SV Rashchenko, VV Bakakin, AF Shatskiy, PN Gavryushkin, YV Seryotkin, ...
Crystal Growth & Design 17 (11), 6079-6084, 2017
Thermal equation of state to 33.5 GPa and 1673 K and thermodynamic properties of tungsten
KD Litasov, PN Gavryushkin, PI Dorogokupets, IS Sharygin, A Shatskiy, ...
Journal of Applied Physics 113 (13), 133505, 2013
Toward Analysis of Structural Changes Common for Alkaline Carbonates and Binary Compounds: Prediction of High-Pressure Structures of Li2CO3, Na2CO3, and K2CO …
PN Gavryushkin, A Behtenova, ZI Popov, VV Bakakin, AY Likhacheva, ...
Crystal Growth & Design 16 (10), 5612-5617, 2016
Raman spectra of nyerereite, gregoryite, and synthetic pure Na2Ca(CO3)2: diversity and application for the study micro inclusions
AV Golovin, AV Korsakov, PN Gavryushkin, AN Zaitsev, VG Thomas, ...
Journal of Raman Spectroscopy 48 (11), 1559-1565, 2017
Theoretical study of γ′-Fe4N and ɛ-Fe x N iron nitrides at pressures up to 500 GPa
ZI Popov, KD Litasov, PN Gavryushkin, SG Ovchinnikov, AS Fedorov
JETP Letters 101 (6), 371-375, 2015
Calcium orthocarbonate, Ca2CO4-Pnma: A potential host for subducting carbon in the transition zone and lower mantle
D Sagatova, A Shatskiy, N Sagatov, PN Gavryushkin, KD Litasov
Lithos 370, 105637, 2020
High‐pressure phases of sulfur: Topological analysis and crystal structure prediction
PN Gavryushkin, KD Litasov, SS Dobrosmislov, ZI Popov
physica status solidi (b) 254 (7), 1600857, 2017
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