Alexei Balmakou
Alexei Balmakou
Gomel State University
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Ground-plane-less bidirectional terahertz absorber based on omega resonators
A Balmakou, M Podalov, S Khakhomov, D Stavenga, I Semchenko
Optics letters 40 (9), 2084-2087, 2015
Structure, mechanical and tribological properties of Ti-doped amorphous carbon films simultaneously deposited by magnetron sputtering and pulse cathodic arc
MY Ming, DG Piliptsou, AS Rudenkov, AV Rogachev, X Jiang, ...
Diamond and Related Materials 77, 1-9, 2017
Chromium-modified aC films with advanced structural, mechanical and corrosive-resistant characteristics
MY Ming, X Jiang, DG Piliptsou, Y Zhuang, AV Rogachev, AS Rudenkov, ...
Applied Surface Science 379, 424-432, 2016
Structure and optical properties of Cu-DLC composite films deposited by cathode arc with double-excitation source
B Zhou, Z Liu, DG Piliptsou, S Yu, Z Wang, AV Rogachev, AS Rudenkov, ...
Diamond and Related Materials 69, 191-197, 2016
Advantages of metamaterials based on double-stranded DNA-like helices
SA Khakhomov, IV Semchenko, AP Balmakou, M Nagatsu
Proceedings of Metamaterials, 309-311, 2012
The potential energy of non-resonant optimal bianisotropic particles in an electromagnetic field does not depend on time
I Semchenko, S Khakhomov, A Balmakou, S Tretyakov
EPJ Applied Metamaterials 1, 4, 2014
Stored and absorbed energy of fields in lossy chiral single-component metamaterials
I Semchenko, A Balmakou, S Khakhomov, S Tretyakov
Physical Review B 97 (1), 014432, 2018
Broadband infrared quarter wave plate realized through perpendicular-to-helical-axis wave propagation in a helix array
A Balmakou, I Semchenko, M Nagatsu
Optics letters 38 (18), 3499-3502, 2013
Realization of linear-to-circular polarization conversion by a single bifilar particle
A Balmakou, IV Semchenko, M Nagatsu
Progress In Electromagnetics Research 31, 231-246, 2013
Realization of negative refraction in a bifilar prism-type array metamaterial
A Balmakou, I Semchenko, M Nagatsu
Applied Physics Express 6 (7), 072601, 2013
Numerical parametric investigation of photonic crystals in bird feathers
A Balmakou, S Khakhomov, D Stavenga, I Semchenko
Structural optimization of helical electromagnetic element and its applications to metamaterials as an array constituent
A Balmakou
Shizuoka University Japan, 2013
Design and numerical modeling of an optical birefringent quarter waveplate
A Balmakou
Известия Гомельского государственного университета им. Ф. Скорины, 158-161, 2013
Interaction Forces of Electric Currents and Charges in a Double DNA-like Helix and its Equilibrium
I Semchenko, S Khakhomov, A Balmakou, I Mikhalka
2018 12th International Congress on Artificial Materials for Novel Wave …, 0
Absorptive weakly reflective metamaterial based on optimal rectangular omegas
I Semchenko, S Khakhomov, A Samofalov, M Podalov, A Balmakou, ...
2017 11th International Congress on Engineered Materials Platforms for Novel …, 0
Metamaterials' 2012 Metamaterials' 2012, 2012
A Balmakou, I Semchenko, M Nagatsu
Photon. Nanostr. Fundam. Appl. Photon. Nanostr. Fundam. Appl. 3, 107, 2005
A Balmakou, I Semchenko, M Nagatsu
EPJ Applied Metamaterials
VG Veselago, Y He, GV Eleftheriades, Y Yang, B Zhang, E Li, H Chen, ...
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