Madzhidov, Timur I.
Madzhidov, Timur I.
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Estimation of the size of drug-like chemical space based on GDB-17 data
PG Polishchuk, TI Madzhidov, A Varnek
Journal of computer-aided molecular design 27 (8), 675-679, 2013
Modern Trends of Organic Chemistry in Russian Universities
AI Konovalov, IS Antipin, VA Burilov, TI Madzhidov, AR Kurbangalieva, ...
Russian Journal of Organic Chemistry 54 (2), 157-371, 2018
Automatized assessment of protective group reactivity: a step toward big reaction data analysis
AI Lin, TI Madzhidov, O Klimchuk, RI Nugmanov, IS Antipin, A Varnek
Journal of chemical information and modeling 56 (11), 2140-2148, 2016
Structure-reactivity relationships in terms of the condensed graphs of reactions
TI Madzhidov, PG Polishchuk, RI Nugmanov, AV Bodrov, AI Lin, II Baskin, ...
Russian Journal of Organic Chemistry 50 (4), 459-463, 2014
Artificial intelligence in synthetic chemistry: achievements and prospects
II Baskin, TI Madzhidov, IS Antipin, AA Varnek
Russian Chemical Reviews 86 (11), 1127, 2017
Assessment of tautomer distribution using the condensed reaction graph approach
TR Gimadiev, TI Madzhidov, RI Nugmanov, II Baskin, IS Antipin, A Varnek
Journal of computer-aided molecular design 32 (3), 401-414, 2018
Structure–reactivity modeling using mixture-based representation of chemical reactions
P Polishchuk, T Madzhidov, T Gimadiev, A Bodrov, R Nugmanov, ...
Journal of computer-aided molecular design 31 (9), 829-839, 2017
Structure–reactivity relationship in bimolecular elimination reactions based on the condensed graph of a reaction
TI Madzhidov, AV Bodrov, TR Gimadiev, RI Nugmanov, IS Antipin, ...
Journal of Structural Chemistry 56 (7), 1227-1234, 2015
CGRtools: Python library for molecule, reaction, and condensed graph of reaction processing
RI Nugmanov, RN Mukhametgaleev, T Akhmetshin, TR Gimadiev, ...
Journal of chemical information and modeling 59 (6), 2516-2521, 2019
The nature of the interaction of organoselenium molecules with diiodine
TI Madzhidov, GA Chmutova, A Martín Pendás
The Journal of Physical Chemistry A 115 (35), 10069-10077, 2011
The nature of hydrogen bonds with divalent selenium compounds
TI Madzhidov, GA Chmutova
Journal of Molecular Structure: THEOCHEM 959 (1-3), 1-7, 2010
Ligand-based pharmacophore modeling using novel 3D pharmacophore signatures
A Kutlushina, A Khakimova, T Madzhidov, P Polishchuk
Molecules 23 (12), 3094, 2018
Development of “structure-property” models in nucleophilic substitution reactions involving azides
RI Nugmanov, TI Madzhidov, GR Khaliullina, II Baskin, IS Antipin, ...
Journal of Structural Chemistry 55 (6), 1026-1032, 2014
Discovery of novel chemical reactions by deep generative recurrent neural network
W Bort, II Baskin, T Gimadiev, A Mukanov, R Nugmanov, P Sidorov, ...
Scientific reports 11 (1), 1-15, 2021
Predictive Models for Halogen‐bond Basicity of Binding Sites of Polyfunctional Molecules
M Glavatskikh, T Madzhidov, V Solov'ev, G Marcou, D Horvath, J Graton, ...
Molecular informatics 35 (2), 70-80, 2016
Bimolecular nucleophilic substitution reactions: Predictive models for rate constants and molecular reaction pairs analysis
T Gimadiev, T Madzhidov, I Tetko, R Nugmanov, I Casciuc, O Klimchuk, ...
Molecular informatics 38 (4), 1800104, 2019
Predictive models for kinetic parameters of cycloaddition reactions
M Glavatskikh, T Madzhidov, D Horvath, R Nugmanov, T Gimadiev, ...
Molecular informatics 38 (1-2), 1800077, 2019
S=O...S=O Interactions as a Driving Force for Low-Temperature Conformational Rearrangement of Stable H-bonding {S(O)-CH2-CH2-OH}2 Synthon in Two Modifications of …
OA Lodochnikova, DB Krivolapov, VA Startseva, LE Nikitina, AV Bodrov, ...
Phosphorus, Sulfur, Silicon, Relat. Elem. 2015. Vol. 190. 190, 2222-2231, 2015
Structure–reactivity relationship in Diels–Alder reactions obtained using the condensed reaction graph approach
TI Madzhidov, TR Gimadiev, DA Malakhova, RI Nugmanov, II Baskin, ...
Journal of Structural Chemistry 58 (4), 650-656, 2017
Predictive models for the free energy of hydrogen bonded complexes with single and cooperative hydrogen bonds
M Glavatskikh, T Madzhidov, V Solov'ev, G Marcou, D Horvath, A Varnek
Molecular informatics 35 (11-12), 629-638, 2016
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