Dr. Chandan Kumar Ghosh
Dr. Chandan Kumar Ghosh
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A compact 4-channel microstrip MIMO antenna with reduced mutual coupling
CK Ghosh
AEU-International Journal of Electronics and Communications 70 (7), 873-879, 2016
Design, analysis and optimization of a slotted microstrip patch antenna array at frequency 5.25 GHz for WLAN-SDMA system
CK Ghosh, SK Parui
International Journal on Electrical Engineering and Informatics 2 (2), 102-112, 2010
Reduction of mutual coupling between E‐shaped microstrip antennas by using a simple microstrip I‐section
CK Ghosh, SK Parui
Microwave and Optical Technology Letters 55 (11), 2544-2549, 2013
Mutual coupling reduction of a dual-frequency microstrip antenna array by using U-shaped DGS and inverted U-shaped microstrip resonator
CK Ghosh, B Mandal, SK Parui
Progress In Electromagnetics Research C 48, 61-68, 2014
A CPW-fed microstrip antenna for WLAN application
S Sinha, B Rana, CK Ghosh, SK Parui
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Harmonics suppression of microstrip patch antenna using defected ground structure
S Biswas, CK Ghosh, A Medda, D Mandal
2016 International Conference on Microelectronics, Computing and …, 2016
Harmonics suppression of microstrip antenna using open ended stubs
CK Ghosh
Microwave and optical technology letters 6 (58), 1340-1345, 2016
Study of decoupling between patch elements of microstrip array using electromagnetic soft surface
CK Ghosh, S Moitra
Journal of Electromagnetic waves and applications 32 (9), 1126-1135, 2018
High gain circularly polarized rectangular dielectric resonator antenna array with helical-like exciter
B Rana, CK Ghosh
Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters 46, 95-100, 2014
P-shaped Wearable Antenna for ISM band at 2.45 GHz
R Hazra, CK Ghosh, SK Parui
International Journal of Innovation and Applied Studies ISSN, 2028-9324, 2013
Mutual coupling reduction between closely spaced Microstrip patch elements using DGS
R Hazra, CK Ghosh, SK Parui
Journal of Academia and Industrial Research (JAIR) 2 (2), 142, 2013
Suppression of cross‐polarization and mutual coupling between dual trace dual column coaxial microstrip array using dumbbell‐shaped resonator
CK Ghosh, R Hazra, A Biswas, AK Bhattachrjee, SK Parui
Microwave and Optical Technology Letters 56 (9), 2182-2186, 2014
Effect of different semi conductive substrate materials on a P-shaped wearable antenna
R Hazra, CK Ghosh, SK Parui
Int. J. of Adv. Res. in Comp. and Comm. Eng.(IJARCCE) 2 (8), 3071-3074, 2013
Design and study of a 2× 2 microstrip patch antenna array for WLAN/MIMO application
CK Ghosh, SK Parui
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Mutual coupling reduction of microstrip MIMO antenna using microstrip resonator
CK Ghosh, M Pratap, R Kumar, S Pratap
Wireless Personal Communications 112 (3), 2047-2056, 2020
Reduction of cross polar radiation of a dual trace omnidirectional microstrip antenna array by using dumbbell‐shaped resonator
CK Ghosh, SK Parui
Microwave and Optical Technology Letters 56 (1), 141-145, 2014
Cross-polarization reduction of E-shaped microstrip array using spiral-ring resonator
CK Ghosh, SK Parui
Progress In Electromagnetics Research C 38, 217-227, 2013
Call dropping analysis in a UMTS/WLAN integrated cell
S Khara, S Saha, AK Mukhopadhyay, CK Ghosh
International Journal of Information Technology 2 (2), 411-415, 2010
Advantageous aspects of the geo-composite learned from small-scaled model tests
K Yasuhara, S Murakami, C Ghosh, JA Recio-Molina
Proc. 7th International Conf. Geosynthetics 1, 435-450, 2002
Lithium ion conductivity in Li2O–P2O5–ZnO glass-ceramics
S Bhattacharya, A Acharya, AS Das, K Bhattacharya, CK Ghosh
Journal of Alloys and Compounds 786, 707-716, 2019
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