Trung Dac Nguyen
Trung Dac Nguyen
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Strong scaling of general-purpose molecular dynamics simulations on GPUs
J Glaser, TD Nguyen, JA Anderson, P Lui, F Spiga, JA Millan, DC Morse, ...
Computer Physics Communications 192, 97-107, 2015
Self-assembly of self-limiting monodisperse supraparticles from polydisperse nanoparticles
Y Xia, TD Nguyen, M Yang, B Lee, A Santos, P Podsiadlo, Z Tang, ...
Nature nanotechnology, 2011
Rigid body constraints realized in massively-parallel molecular dynamics on graphics processing units
TD Nguyen, CL Phillips, JA Anderson, SC Glotzer
Computer Physics Communications 182 (11), 2307-2313, 2011
Dynamic defrosting on nanostructured superhydrophobic surfaces
JB Boreyko, BR Srijanto, TD Nguyen, C Vega, M Fuentes-Cabrera, ...
Langmuir 29 (30), 9516-9524, 2013
Self-assembly and reconfigurability of shape-shifting particles
TD Nguyen, E Jankowski, SC Glotzer
ACS nano 5 (11), 8892-8903, 2011
Terminal supraparticle assemblies from similarly charged protein molecules and nanoparticles
JI Park, TD Nguyen, G de Queirós Silveira, JH Bahng, S Srivastava, ...
Nature communications 5 (1), 1-9, 2014
Random heteropolymers preserve protein function in foreign environments
B Panganiban, B Qiao, T Jiang, C DelRe, MM Obadia, TD Nguyen, ...
Science 359 (6381), 1239-1243, 2018
Solid‐State Scrolls from Hierarchical Self‐Assembly of T‐Shaped Rod–Coil Molecules
DJ Hong, E Lee, H Jeong, J Lee, WC Zin, TD Nguyen, SC Glotzer, M Lee
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 48 (9), 1664-1668, 2009
Reconfigurable assemblies of shape-changing nanorods
TD Nguyen, SC Glotzer
ACS nano 4 (5), 2585-2594, 2010
Molecular simulation study of self-assembly of tethered V-shaped nanoparticles
TD Nguyen, Z Zhang, SC Glotzer
The Journal of chemical physics 129, 244903, 2008
Switchable Helical Structures Formed by the Hierarchical Self‐Assembly of Laterally Tethered Nanorods
TD Nguyen, SC Glotzer
small 5 (18), 2092-2098, 2009
Competition between collapse and breakup in nanometer-sized thin rings using molecular dynamics and continuum modeling
TD Nguyen, M Fuentes-Cabrera, JD Fowlkes, JA Diez, AG González, ...
Langmuir 28 (39), 13960-13967, 2012
Rational design of nanomaterials from assembly and reconfigurability of polymer-tethered nanoparticles
RL Marson, TD Nguyen, SC Glotzer
MRS Communications 5 (3), 397-406, 2015
Self-assembly of reconfigurable colloidal molecules
D Ortiz, KL Kohlstedt, TD Nguyen, SC Glotzer
Soft Matter 10 (20), 3541-3552, 2014
Generic, phenomenological, on-the-fly renormalized repulsion model for self-limited organization of terminal supraparticle assemblies
TD Nguyen, BA Schultz, NA Kotov, SC Glotzer
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 112 (25), E3161-E3168, 2015
Ionic correlations in random ionomers
B Ma, TD Nguyen, VA Pryamitsyn, M Olvera de la Cruz
ACS nano 12 (3), 2311-2318, 2018
Rupture mechanism of liquid crystal thin films realized by large-scale molecular simulations
TD Nguyen, JMY Carrillo, MA Matheson, WM Brown
Nanoscale 6 (6), 3083-3096, 2014
A case study of truncated electrostatics for simulation of polyelectrolyte brushes on GPU accelerators
TD Nguyen, JMY Carrillo, AV Dobrynin, WM Brown
Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation 9 (1), 73-83, 2013
An evaluation of molecular dynamics performance on the hybrid Cray XK6 supercomputer
WM Brown, TD Nguyen, M Fuentes-Cabrera, JD Fowlkes, PD Rack, ...
Procedia Computer Science 9, 186-195, 2012
GPU-accelerated Tersoff potentials for massively parallel molecular dynamics simulations
TD Nguyen
Computer Physics Communications 212, 113-122, 2017
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