Tom W. Bell
Tom W. Bell
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CO2 exchange and evapotranspiration across dryland ecosystems of southwestern North America
JA Biederman, RL Scott, TW Bell, DR Bowling, S Dore, J Garatuza-Payan, ...
Global Change Biology 23 (10), 4204–4221, 2017
Terrestrial carbon balance in a drier world: the effects of water availability in southwestern North America.
JA Biederman, RL Scott, ML Goulden, R Vargas, ME Litvak, TE Kolb, ...
Global Change Biology 22 (5), 1867–1879, 2016
Offshore aquaculture: Spatial planning principles for sustainable development
RR Gentry, SE Lester, CV Kappel, C White, TW Bell, J Stevens, ...
Ecology and Evolution 7, 733-743, 2017
Marine spatial planning makes room for offshore aquaculture in crowded coastal waters
SE Lester, JM Stevens, RR Gentry, CV Kappel, TW Bell, CJ Costello, ...
Nature Communications 9 (945), 1-13, 2018
Spatial variability in the resistance and resilience of giant kelp in southern and Baja California to a multiyear heatwave
KC Cavanaugh, DC Reed, TW Bell, MCN Castorani, R Beas-Luna
Frontiers in Marine Science 6, 413, 2019
Extreme warming challenges sentinel status of kelp forests as indicators of climate change
D Reed, L Washburn, A Rassweiler, R Miller, T Bell, S Harrer
Nature Communications 7 (13757), 1-7, 2016
Geographical variability in the controls of giant kelp biomass dynamics
TW Bell, KC Cavanaugh, DC Reed, DA Siegel
Journal of Biogeography 42 (10), 2010-2021, 2015
Large-scale shift in the structure of a kelp forest ecosystem co-occurs with an epizootic and marine heatwave
ML McPherson, DJI Finger, HF Houskeeper, TW Bell, MH Carr, ...
Communications biology 4 (1), 298, 2021
Three decades of variability in California's giant kelp forests from the Landsat satellites
TW Bell, JG Allen, KC Cavanaugh, DA Siegel
Remote Sensing of Environment, 2020
Remote monitoring of giant kelp biomass and physiological condition: An evaluation of the potential for the Hyperspectral Infrared Imager (HyspIRI) mission
TW Bell, KC Cavanaugh, DA Siegel
Remote Sensing of Environment 167, 218-228, 2015
Assessing the sequestration time scales of some ocean-based carbon dioxide reduction strategies
DA Siegel, T DeVries, SC Doney, T Bell
Environmental Research Letters 16 (10), 104003, 2021
Seascape drivers of Macrocystis pyrifera population genetic structure in the northeast Pacific
ML Johansson, F Alberto, DC Reed, PT Raimondi, NC Coelho, MA Young, ...
Molecular Ecology 24 (19), 4866-4885, 2015
Fluctuations in population fecundity drive variation in demographic connectivity and metapopulation dynamics
MCN Castorani, DC Reed, PT Raimondi, F Alberto, TW Bell, ...
Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 284 (1847), 20162086, 2017
Connectivity structures local population dynamics: a long‐term empirical test in a large metapopulation system
MCN Castorani, DC Reed, F Alberto, TW Bell, RD Simons, ...
Ecology 96 (12), 3141-3152, 2015
Carbon dioxide exchange over multiple temporal scales in an arid shrub ecosystem near La Paz, Baja California Sur, Mexico
TW Bell, O Menzer, E Troyo‐Diéquez, WC Oechel
Global Change Biology 18 (8), 2570-2582, 2012
Kelp forests at the end of the earth: 45 years later
AM Friedlander, E Ballesteros, TW Bell, JE Caselle, C Campagna, ...
PLoS One 15 (3), e0229259, 2020
A year in the life of a central California kelp forest: physical and biological insights into biogeochemical variability
DA Koweek, KJ Nickols, PR Leary, SY Litvin, TW Bell, T Luthin, S Lummis, ...
Biogeosciences 14, 31-44, 2017
Remote sensing: generation of long‐term kelp bed data sets for evaluation of impacts of climatic variation
SL Hamilton, TW Bell, JR Watson, KA Grorud‐Colvert, BA Menge
Ecology 101 (7), e03031, 2020
Drivers of redistribution of fishing and non-fishing effort after the implementation of a marine protected area network
R Cabral, S Gaines, B Johnson, T Bell, C White
Ecological Applications, 2017
Environmental controls on spatial patterns in the long-term persistence of giant kelp in central California
M Young, K Cavanaugh, T Bell, P Raimondi, C Edwards, P Drake, ...
Ecological Monographs 86 (1), 45-60, 2016
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