Nina Lany
Nina Lany
USDA Forest Service
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Long-term integrated studies show complex and surprising effects of climate change in the northern hardwood forest
PM Groffman, LE Rustad, PH Templer, JL Campbell, LM Christenson, ...
BioScience 62 (12), 1056-1066, 2012
Warm springs, early lay dates, and double brooding in a North American migratory songbird, the black-throated blue warbler
AK Townsend, TS Sillett, NK Lany, SA Kaiser, NL Rodenhouse, ...
PLoS One 8 (4), e59467, 2013
Breeding timed to maximize reproductive success for a migratory songbird: the importance of phenological asynchrony
NK Lany, MP Ayres, EE Stange, TS Sillett, NL Rodenhouse, RT Holmes
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Joint species distribution modelling for spatio‐temporal occurrence and ordinal abundance data
EM Schliep, NK Lany, PL Zarnetske, RN Schaeffer, CM Orians, DA Orwig, ...
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Open‐top chambers for temperature manipulation in taller‐stature plant communities
KB Welshofer, PL Zarnetske, NK Lany, LAE Thompson
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Hydrological and meteorological data from research catchments at the Marcell Experimental Forest, Minnesota, USA
SD Sebestyen, NK Lany, DT Roman, JM Burdick, RL Kyllander, ES Verry, ...
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The long and the short of it: Mechanisms of synchronous and compensatory dynamics across temporal scales
LG Shoemaker, LM Hallett, L Zhao, DC Reuman, S Wang, KL Cottingham, ...
Ecology 103 (4), e3650, 2022
Novel insights to be gained from applying metacommunity theory to long-term, spatially replicated biodiversity data
S Record, NM Voelker, PL Zarnetske, NI Wisnoski, JD Tonkin, C Swan, ...
Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution 8, 612794, 2021
Asymmetric biotic interactions and abiotic niche differences revealed by a dynamic joint species distribution model
NK Lany, PL Zarnetske, EM Schliep, RN Schaeffer, CM Orians, DA Orwig, ...
Ecology 99 (5), 1018-1023, 2018
The spatial synchrony of species richness and its relationship to ecosystem stability
JA Walter, LG Shoemaker, NK Lany, MCN Castorani, SB Fey, JC Dudney, ...
Ecology 102 (11), e03486, 2021
Incorporating context dependency of species interactions in species distribution models
NK Lany, PL Zarnetske, TC Gouhier, BA Menge
Integrative and Comparative Biology 57 (1), 159-167, 2017
Complementary strengths of spatially‐explicit and multi‐species distribution models
NK Lany, PL Zarnetske, AO Finley, DG McCullough
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ecocomDP: a flexible data design pattern for ecological community survey data
M O'Brien, CA Smith, ER Sokol, C Gries, N Lany, S Record, ...
Ecological Informatics 64, 101374, 2021
Short-term responses to warming vary between native vs. exotic species and with latitude in an early successional plant community
KB Welshofer, PL Zarnetske, NK Lany, QD Read
Oecologia 187, 333-342, 2018
Density-dependent recruitment and diapause in the spring-feeding generation of hemlock woolly adelgid (Hemiptera: Adelgidae) in Western North America
AS Weed, JS Elkinton, NK Lany
Environmental entomology 45 (6), 1352-1359, 2016
A catchment water balance assessment of an abrupt shift in evapotranspiration at the Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest, New Hampshire, USA
MB Green, SW Bailey, JL Campbell, KJ McGuire, AS Bailey, TJ Fahey, ...
Hydrological Processes 35 (8), e14300, 2021
Hemlock Woolly Adelgid and Elongate Hemlock Scale Surveys in Connecticut and Massachusetts 1997-2011
D Orwig, N Lany, E Preisser
Environmental Data Initiative, 2018
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