Yuri P. Kalmykov
Yuri P. Kalmykov
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The Langevin equation: with applications to stochastic problems in physics, chemistry and electrical engineering
W Coffey, YP Kalmykov
World Scientific, 2012
Thermally activated relaxation time of a single domain ferromagnetic particle subjected to a uniform field at an oblique angle to the easy axis: Comparison with experimental …
WT Coffey, DSF Crothers, JL Dormann, YP Kalmykov, EC Kennedy, ...
Physical review letters 80 (25), 5655, 1998
Thermal fluctuations of magnetic nanoparticles: Fifty years after Brown
WT Coffey, YP Kalmykov
Journal of Applied Physics 112 (12), 121301, 2012
Effect of an oblique magnetic field on the superparamagnetic relaxation time
WT Coffey, DSF Crothers, JL Dormann, LJ Geoghegan, YP Kalmykov, ...
Physical Review B 52 (22), 15951, 1995
Exact analytic formula for the correlation time of a single-domain ferromagnetic particle
WT Coffey, DSF Crothers, YP Kalmykov, ES Massawe, JT Waldron
Physical Review E 49 (3), 1869, 1994
On the Theory of Debye and Néel Relaxation of Single Domain Ferromagnetic Particles, edited by I. Prigogine and SA Rice
WT Coffey, PJ Cregg, YP Kalmykov
Advances in Chemical Physics 83, 263-464, 1993
Dielectic relaxation phenomena in complex materials
Y Feldman, A Puzenko, Y Ryabov
Advances in chemical physics 133 (A), 1, 2006
Constant-magnetic-field effect in Néel relaxation of single-domain ferromagnetic particles
WT Coffey, DSF Crothers, YP Kalmykov, JT Waldron
Physical Review B 51 (22), 15947, 1995
Anomalous dielectric relaxation in the context of the Debye model of noninertial rotational diffusion
WT Coffey, YP Kalmykov, SV Titov
The Journal of chemical physics 116 (15), 6422-6426, 2002
Nonlinear dielectric relaxation of polar molecules in a strong ac electric field: Steady state response
JL Déjardin, YP Kalmykov
Physical Review E 61 (2), 1211, 2000
Microscopic models for dielectric relaxation in disordered systems
YP Kalmykov, WT Coffey, DSF Crothers, SV Titov
Physical Review E 70 (4), 041103, 2004
Matrix elements of the system of moment equations governing the kinetics of superparamagnetic particles
YP Kalmykov, SV Titov
Physical review letters 82 (14), 2967, 1999
Birefringence and dielectric relaxation in strong electric fields
JL Déjardin, YP Kalmykov, PM Déjardin
Advances in Chemical Physics 117, 275-482, 2001
Dielectric response of surface stabilized ferroelectric liquid crystal cells
YP Panarin, YP Kalmykov, ST Mac Lughadha, H Xu, JK Vij
Physical Review E 50 (6), 4763, 1994
Wigner function approach to the quantum Brownian motion of a particle in a potential
WT Coffey, YP Kalmykov, SV Titov, BP Mulligan
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 9 (26), 3361-3382, 2007
Rotational Brownian motion and dielectric relaxation of polar molecules subjected to a constant bias field: Exact solution
JT Waldron, YP Kalmykov, WT Coffey
Physical Review E 49 (5), 3976, 1994
Longitudinal complex magnetic susceptibility and relaxation time of superparamagnetic particles with cubic magnetic anisotropy
YP Kalmykov, SV Titov, WT Coffey
Physical Review B 58 (6), 3267, 1998
The effective eigenvalue method and its application to stochastic problems in conjunction with the nonlinear Langevin equation
WT Coffey, ES Massawe, YP Kalmykov
Advances in Chemical Physics 85, 667-793, 1993
Semiclassical Klein–Kramers and Smoluchowski equations for the Brownian motion of a particle in an external potential
WT Coffey, YP Kalmykov, SV Titov, BP Mulligan
Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical 40 (3), F91, 2006
The relaxation time of the magnetization of uniaxial single-domain ferromagnetic particles in the presence of a uniform magnetic field
YP Kalmykov
Journal of applied physics 96 (2), 1138-1145, 2004
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