Samuel Jacquiod
Samuel Jacquiod
Junior Fellowship, Université Bourgogne Franche-Comté, Agroécologie, INRAE BFC Centre Dijon
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Analysis of soil microbial communities based on amplicon sequencing of marker genes
A Schöler, S Jacquiod, G Vestergaard, S Schulz, M Schloter
Biology and Fertility of Soils 53 (5), 485-489, 2017
Coping with copper: legacy effect of copper on potential activity of soil bacteria following a century of exposure
I Nunes, S Jacquiod, A Brejnrod, PE Holm, A Johansen, KK Brandt, ...
FEMS microbiology ecology 92 (11), 2016
Bioinformatic approaches reveal metagenomic characterization of soil microbial community
Z Xu, MA Hansen, LH Hansen, S Jacquiod, SJ Sørensen
PloS one 9 (4), e93445, 2014
Soil bacterial community shifts after chitin enrichment: an integrative metagenomic approach
S Jacquiod, L Franqueville, S Cecillon, T M. Vogel, P Simonet
PLoS One 8 (11), e79699, 2013
Drought legacy effects on the composition of soil fungal and prokaryote communities
A Meisner, S Jacquiod, BL Snoek, FC Ten Hooven, WH Van Der Putten
Frontiers in Microbiology 9, 294, 2018
Impact of long-term agricultural management practices on soil prokaryotic communities
D Babin, A Deubel, S Jacquiod, SJ Sørensen, J Geistlinger, R Grosch, ...
Soil Biology and Biochemistry 129, 17-28, 2019
Legacy effects on the recovery of soil bacterial communities from extreme temperature perturbation
SD Jurburg, I Nunes, A Brejnrod, S Jacquiod, A Priemé, SJ Sørensen, ...
Frontiers in microbiology 8, 1832, 2017
Microbiomes associated with infective stages of root-knot and lesion nematodes in soil
A Elhady, A Giné, O Topalovic, S Jacquiod, SJ Sørensen, FJ Sorribas, ...
PloS one 12 (5), e0177145, 2017
Long-term industrial metal contamination unexpectedly shaped diversity and activity response of sediment microbiome
S Jacquiod, V Cyriaque, L Riber, WA Al-Soud, DC Gillan, R Wattiez, ...
Journal of hazardous materials 344, 299-307, 2018
Deciphering conjugative plasmid permissiveness in wastewater microbiomes
S Jacquiod, A Brejnrod, SM Morberg, W Abu Al‐Soud, SJ Sørensen, ...
Molecular Ecology, 2017
Handbook of Molecular Microbial Ecology I: Metagenomics and Complementary Approaches
FJ de Bruijn
NJ USA: Wiley-Blackwell, 2011
Microbial diversity and putative opportunistic pathogens in dishwasher biofilm communities
PK Raghupathi, J Zupančič, AD Brejnrod, S Jacquiod, K Houf, M Burmølle, ...
Applied and environmental microbiology 84 (5), e02755-17, 2018
Effects of phosphorus-mobilizing bacteria on tomato growth and soil microbial activity
D Nassal, M Spohn, N Eltlbany, S Jacquiod, K Smalla, S Marhan, ...
Plant and Soil 427 (1), 17-37, 2018
Monitoring plasmid-mediated horizontal gene transfer in microbiomes: recent advances and future perspectives
R Pinilla-Redondo, V Cyriaque, S Jacquiod, SJ Sørensen, L Riber
Plasmid, 2018
Effects of soil pre-treatment with Basamid® granules, Brassica juncea, Raphanus sativus, and Tagetes patula on bacterial and fungal communities at two apple replant disease sites
B Yim, H Nitt, A Wrede, S Jacquiod, SJ Sørensen, T Winkelmann, ...
Frontiers in microbiology 8, 1604, 2017
Metagenomes provide valuable comparative information on soil microeukaryotes
S Jacquiod, J Stenbæk, SS Santos, A Winding, SJ Sørensen, A Priemé
Research in microbiology 167 (5), 436-450, 2016
Biocontrol of bacterial wilt disease through complex interaction between tomato plant, antagonists, the indigenous rhizosphere microbiota and Ralstonia solanacearum
T El Sayed, J Samuel, E Nour, SJ Sørensen, K Smalla
Frontiers in Microbiology 10, 2835, 2020
Deciphering links between bacterial interactions and spatial organization in multispecies biofilms
W Liu, S Jacquiod, A Brejnrod, J Russel, M Burmølle, SJ Sørensen
The ISME journal 13 (12), 3054-3066, 2019
Enrichment and characterization of an environmental microbial consortium displaying efficient keratinolytic activity
D Kang, J Herschend, WA Al-Soud, MS Mortensen, M Gonzalo, ...
Bioresource technology 270, 303-310, 2018
Characterization of new bacterial catabolic genes and mobile genetic elements by high throughput genetic screening of a soil metagenomic library
S Jacquiod, S Demanèche, L Franqueville, L Ausec, Z Xu, TO Delmont, ...
Journal of biotechnology 190, 18-29, 2014
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