Eugene Sheval
Eugene Sheval
A.N. Belozersky Institute of Physico-Chemical Biology, M.V. Lomonosov State University
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Cell‐to‐cell cross‐talk between mesenchymal stem cells and cardiomyocytes in co‐culture
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Potato virus X RNA-mediated assembly of single-tailed ternary ‘coat protein–RNA–movement protein’complexes
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Mengovirus-induced rearrangement of the nuclear pore complex: hijacking cellular phosphorylation machinery
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Micellar peroxidase-catalyzed synthesis of chiral polyaniline
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Nucleolar localization/retention signal is responsible for transient accumulation of histone H2B in the nucleolus through electrostatic interactions
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HIV-1 Tat protein induces DNA damage in human peripheral blood B-lymphocytes via mitochondrial ROS production
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Nucleolus: a central hub for nuclear functions
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Halloysite nanotubes with immobilized silver nanoparticles for anti-bacterial application
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Trastuzumab-binding peptide display by Tobacco mosaic virus
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Self-organization of cellular structures induced by the overexpression of nuclear envelope proteins: a correlative light and electron microscopy study
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Visualization of the chromosome scaffold and intermediates of loop domain compaction in extracted mitotic cells
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A higher concentration of an antigen within the nucleolus may prevent its proper recognition by specific antibodies
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Chromatin fibers: from classical descriptions to modern interpretation
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Organization of higher-level chromatin structures (chromomere, chromonema and chromatin block) examined using visible light-induced chromatin photo-stabilization
EV Sheval, AN Prusov, II Kireev, D Fais, VY Polyakov
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A simple method for the immunocytochemical detection of proteins inside nuclear structures that are inaccessible to specific antibodies
DM Svistunova, YR Musinova, VY Polyakov, EV Sheval
Journal of Histochemistry & Cytochemistry 60 (2), 152-158, 2012
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