Yury Kozhedub
Yury Kozhedub
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Isotope Shift in the Dielectronic Recombination of Three-Electron
C Brandau, C Kozhuharov, Z Harman, A Müller, S Schippers, ...
Physical review letters 100 (7), 073201, 2008
Nuclear deformation effect on the binding energies in heavy ions
YS Kozhedub, OV Andreev, VM Shabaev, II Tupitsyn, C Brandau, ...
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Atomic and molecular collisions and interactions-Radiative electron capture into high-Z few-electron ions: Alignment of the excited ionic states
A Surzhykov, UD Jentschura, T Stohlker, S Fritzsche
Physical Review-Section A-Atomic Molecular and Optical Physics 73 (3), 32716 …, 2006
Relativistic recoil, electron-correlation, and QED effects on the 2 p j-2 s transition energies in Li-like ions
YS Kozhedub, AV Volotka, AN Artemyev, DA Glazov, G Plunien, ...
Physical Review A 81 (4), 042513, 2010
Relativistic calculations of the charge-transfer probabilities and cross sections for low-energy collisions of H-like ions with bare nuclei
II Tupitsyn, YS Kozhedub, VM Shabaev, GB Deyneka, S Hagmann, ...
Physical Review A 82 (4), 042701, 2010
Resonant recombination at ion storage rings: a conceptual alternative for isotope shift and hyperfine studies
C Brandau, C Kozhuharov, A Müller, D Bernhardt, F Bosch, D Boutin, ...
Hyperfine Interactions 196 (1-3), 115-127, 2010
Isotope shifts in dielectronic recombination: From stable to in-flight-produced nuclei
C Brandau, S Kozhedub, AK Muller, D Bernhardt, S Bohm, FJ Bosch, ...
IOP Publishing, 2009
Dissipative preparation of a tripartite singlet state in coupled arrays of cavities via quantum feedback control
XQ Shao, ZH Wang, HD Liu, XX Yi
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QED effects in heavy few-electron ions
VM Shabaev, OV Andreev, AN Artemyev, SS Baturin, AA Elizarov, ...
International Journal of Mass Spectrometry 251 (2-3), 109-118, 2006
Relativistic calculations of the isotope shifts in highly charged Li-like ions
NA Zubova, YS Kozhedub, VM Shabaev, II Tupitsyn, AV Volotka, ...
Physical Review A 90 (6), 062512, 2014
Observation of the 2p3/2→ 2s1/2 intra-shell transition in He-like uranium
M Trassinelli, A Kumar, HF Beyer, P Indelicato, R Märtin, R Reuschl, ...
EPL (Europhysics Letters) 87 (6), 63001, 2009
Relativistic calculations of the K-K charge transfer and K-vacancy production probabilities in low-energy ion-atom collisions
II Tupitsyn, YS Kozhedub, VM Shabaev, AI Bondarev, GB Deyneka, ...
Physical Review A 85 (3), 032712, 2012
QED calculation of the 2 p 1∕ 2− 2 s and 2 p 3∕ 2− 2 s transition energies and the ground-state hyperfine splitting in lithiumlike scandium
YS Kozhedub, DA Glazov, AN Artemyev, NS Oreshkina, VM Shabaev, ...
Physical Review A 76 (1), 012511, 2007
Electron-positron pair creation in low-energy collisions of heavy bare nuclei
IA Maltsev, VM Shabaev, II Tupitsyn, AI Bondarev, YS Kozhedub, ...
Physical Review A 91 (3), 032708, 2015
Relativistic calculations of x-ray emission following a Xe-Bi 83+ collision
YS Kozhedub, VM Shabaev, II Tupitsyn, A Gumberidze, S Hagmann, ...
Physical Review A 90 (4), 042709, 2014
Isotope shifts of the 2 p 3/2− 2 p 1/2 transition in B-like ions
NA Zubova, AV Malyshev, II Tupitsyn, VM Shabaev, YS Kozhedub, ...
Physical Review A 93 (5), 052502, 2016
Tests of fundamental theories with heavy ions at low-energy regime
DA Glazov, YS Kozhedub, AV Maiorova, VM Shabaev, II Tupitsyn, ...
Hyperfine Interactions 199 (1-3), 71, 2011
Stringent tests of QED using highly charged ions
VM Shabaev, AI Bondarev, DA Glazov, MY Kaygorodov, YS Kozhedub, ...
Hyperfine Interactions 239 (1), 60, 2018
Relativistic calculations of the ground and inner--shell excited energy levels of berylliumlike ions
MY Kaygorodov, YS Kozhedub, II Tupitsyn, AV Malyshev, DA Glazov, ...
Physical Review A 99 (3), 032505, 2019
Production and decay of -shell hollow krypton in collisions with 52–197-MeV/u bare xenon ions
C Shao, D Yu, X Cai, X Chen, K Ma, J Evslin, Y Xue, W Wang, ...
Physical Review A 96 (1), 012708, 2017
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