Jason Head
Jason Head
Reader in Vertebrate Evolution and Ecology / Curator, University of Cambridge
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Best practices for justifying fossil calibrations
JF Parham, PCJ Donoghue, CJ Bell, TD Calway, JJ Head, PA Holroyd, ...
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Giant boid snake from the Palaeocene neotropics reveals hotter past equatorial temperatures
JJ Head, JI Bloch, AK Hastings, JR Bourque, EA Cadena, FA Herrera, ...
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Merging paleobiology with conservation biology to guide the future of terrestrial ecosystems
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Homeotic effects, somitogenesis and the evolution of vertebral numbers in recent and fossil amniotes
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A new species of basal hadrosaurid (Dinosauria, Ornithischia) from the Cenomanian of Texas
JJ Head
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Predation upon hatchling dinosaurs by a new snake from the Late Cretaceous of India
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Evolution of the snake body form reveals homoplasy in amniote Hox gene function
JJ Head, PD Polly
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Eocene lizard from Germany reveals amphisbaenian origins
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Turtle origins out to sea
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Testing modularity and dissociation: the evolution of regional proportions in snakes
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A reanalysis of the phylogenetic position of Eolambia caroljonesa (Dinosauria, Iguanodonte)
JJ Head
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Oldest placental mammal from sub-Saharan Africa: Eocene microbat from Tanzania—evidence for early evolution of sophisticated echolocation
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The fossil calibration database—a new resource for divergence dating
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Dissociation of somatic growth from segmentation drives gigantism in snakes
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The ecology of morphology: the ecometrics of locomotion and macroenvironment in North American snakes
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Phylogeny and divergence times of filesnakes (Acrochordus): inferences from morphology, fossils and three molecular loci
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Snakes of the Siwalik Group (Miocene of Pakistan): systematics and relationship to environmental change
JJ Head
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Eleven. Synopsis of the Herpetofauna from Porcupine Cave
CJ Bell, JJ Head, JI Mead
Biodiversity Response to Climate Change in the Middle Pleistocene, 117-126, 2004
Maximum-likelihood identification of fossils: taxonomic identification of Quaternary marmots (Rodentia, Mammalia) and identification of vertebral position in the pipesnake …
PD Polly, JJ Head
Morphometrics, 197-221, 2004
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