Wendy S. W. Wong
Wendy S. W. Wong
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Rate of de novo mutations and the importance of father/'s age to disease risk
A Kong, ML Frigge, G Masson, S Besenbacher, P Sulem, G Magnusson, ...
Nature 488 (7412), 471-475, 2012
Bayes empirical Bayes inference of amino acid sites under positive selection
Z Yang, WSW Wong, R Nielsen
Molecular biology and evolution 22 (4), 1107-1118, 2005
Strelka: accurate somatic small-variant calling from sequenced tumor–normal sample pairs
CT Saunders, WSW Wong, S Swamy, J Becq, LJ Murray, RK Cheetham
Bioinformatics 28 (14), 1811-1817, 2012
BAP1 loss defines a new class of renal cell carcinoma
S Peña-Llopis, S Vega-Rubín-de-Celis, A Liao, N Leng, A Pavía-Jiménez, ...
Nature genetics 44 (7), 751-759, 2012
Accuracy and power of statistical methods for detecting adaptive evolution in protein coding sequences and for identifying positively selected sites
WSW Wong, Z Yang, N Goldman, R Nielsen
Genetics 168 (2), 1041-1051, 2004
Genome sequencing and analysis of the Tasmanian devil and its transmissible cancer
EP Murchison, OB Schulz-Trieglaff, Z Ning, LB Alexandrov, MJ Bauer, ...
Cell 148 (4), 780-791, 2012
A single gene network accurately predicts phenotypic effects of gene perturbation in Caenorhabditis elegans
I Lee, B Lehner, C Crombie, W Wong, AG Fraser, EM Marcotte
Nature genetics 40 (2), 181-188, 2008
Parent-of-origin-specific signatures of de novo mutations
JM Goldmann, WSW Wong, M Pinelli, T Farrah, D Bodian, AB Stittrich, ...
Nature Genetics, 2016
New observations on maternal age effect on germline de novo mutations
WSW Wong, BD Solomon, DL Bodian, P Kothiyal, G Eley, KC Huddleston, ...
Nature Communications 7, 2016
Utility of whole-genome sequencing for detection of newborn screening disorders in a population cohort of 1,696 neonates
DL Bodian, E Klein, RK Iyer, WSW Wong, P Kothiyal, D Stauffer, ...
Genetics in Medicine, 2015
Detecting selection in noncoding regions of nucleotide sequences
WSW Wong, R Nielsen
Genetics 167 (2), 949-958, 2004
Detecting site-specific physicochemical selective pressures: applications to the Class I HLA of the human major histocompatibility complex and the SRK of the plant sporophytic …
R Sainudiin, WSW Wong, K Yogeeswaran, JB Nasrallah, Z Yang, ...
Journal of Molecular Evolution 60 (3), 315-326, 2005
Germline de novo mutation clusters arise during oocyte aging in genomic regions with high double-strand-break incidence
JM Goldmann, VB Seplyarskiy, WSW Wong, T Vilboux, PB Neerincx, ...
Nature genetics 50 (4), 487-492, 2018
Genomic and molecular characterization of preterm birth
TA Knijnenburg, JG Vockley, N Chambwe, DL Gibbs, C Humphries, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 116 (12), 5819-5827, 2019
Population sequencing data reveal a compendium of mutational processes in the human germ line
VB Seplyarskiy, RA Soldatov, E Koch, RJ McGinty, JM Goldmann, ...
Science 373 (6558), 1030-1035, 2021
Studying the urine microbiome in superficial bladder cancer: samples obtained by midstream voiding versus cystoscopy
SK Hourigan, W Zhu, WSW Wong, NC Clemency, M Provenzano, ...
BMC Urology 20 (1), 1-8, 2020
Prenatal and Peripartum Exposure to Antibiotics and Cesarean Section Delivery Are Associated with Differences in Diversity and Composition of the Infant Meconium Microbiome
WSW Wong, P Sabu, V Deopujari, S Levy, AA Shah, N Clemency, ...
Microorganisms 8 (2), 179, 2020
Identification of physicochemical selective pressure on protein encoding nucleotide sequences
WSW Wong, R Sainudiin, R Nielsen
BMC bioinformatics 7 (1), 148, 2006
Common genetic causes of holoprosencephaly are limited to a small set of evolutionarily conserved driver genes of midline development coordinated by TGF‐β, hedgehog, and FGF …
E Roessler, P Hu, J Marino, S Hong, R Hart, S Berger, A Martinez, Y Abe, ...
Human mutation 39 (10), 1416-1427, 2018
Gut microbial composition difference between pediatric ALL survivors and siblings
R Thomas, WSW Wong, R Saadon, T Vilboux, J Deeken, J Niederhuber, ...
Pediatric hematology and oncology 37 (6), 475-488, 2020
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