Camilla Luccardini
Camilla Luccardini
Research engineer, INMG
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Diffusion dynamics of glycine receptors revealed by single-quantum dot tracking
M Dahan, S Levi, C Luccardini, P Rostaing, B Riveau, A Triller
Science 302 (5644), 442-445, 2003
Tracking individual kinesin motors in living cells using single quantum-dot imaging
S Courty, C Luccardini, Y Bellaiche, G Cappello, M Dahan
Nano letters 6 (7), 1491-1495, 2006
Synthesis and characterization of polymer-coated quantum dots with integrated acceptor dyes as FRET-based nanoprobes
MT Fernández-Argüelles, A Yakovlev, RA Sperling, C Luccardini, ...
Nano letters 7 (9), 2613-2617, 2007
Size, charge, and interactions with giant lipid vesicles of quantum dots coated with an amphiphilic macromolecule
C Luccardini, C Tribet, F Vial, V Marchi-Artzner, M Dahan
Langmuir 22 (5), 2304-2310, 2006
Tangentially migrating neurons assemble a primary cilium that promotes their reorientation to the cortical plate
JP Baudoin, L Viou, PS Launay, C Luccardini, SE Gil, V Kiyasova, ...
Neuron 76 (6), 1108-1122, 2012
N-cadherin sustains motility and polarity of future cortical interneurons during tangential migration
C Luccardini, L Hennekinne, L Viou, M Yanagida, F Murakami, N Kessaris, ...
Journal of Neuroscience 33 (46), 18149-18160, 2013
Tracking individual proteins in living cells using single quantum dot imaging
S Courty, C Bouzigues, C Luccardini, MV Ehrensperger, S Bonneau, ...
Methods in enzymology 414, 211-228, 2006
Wrapping nanocrystals with an amphiphilic polymer preloaded with fixed amounts of fluorophore generates FRET-based nanoprobes with a controlled donor/acceptor ratio
AV Yakovlev, F Zhang, A Zulqurnain, A Azhar-Zahoor, C Luccardini, ...
Langmuir 25 (5), 3232-3239, 2009
Synthesis and Characterization of a New Red-Emitting Ca2+ Indicator, Calcium Ruby
S Gaillard, A Yakovlev, C Luccardini, M Oheim, A Feltz, JM Mallet
Organic letters 9 (14), 2629-2632, 2007
Getting across the plasma membrane and beyond: intracellular uses of colloidal semiconductor nanocrystals
C Luccardini, A Yakovlev, S Gaillard, M van‘t Hoff, AP Alberola, JM Mallet, ...
Journal of Biomedicine and Biotechnology 2007, 2007
Amphiphilic Polymer, Method for Forming the Same and Application thereof
WHS Chang, CJ Lin, JKJ Li, M Oheim, A Yakovlev, A Feltz, C Luccardini, ...
US Patent App. 11/832,105, 2009
Measuring mitochondrial and cytoplasmic Ca2+ in EGFP expressing cells with a low-affinity calcium Ruby and its dextran conjugate
C Luccardini, AV Yakovlev, M Pasche, S Gaillard, D Li, F Rousseau, R Ly, ...
Cell Calcium 45 (3), 275-283, 2009
FRET-based nanobiosensors for imaging intracellular Ca2+ and H+ microdomains
AI Zamaleeva, G Despras, C Luccardini, M Collot, M De Waard, M Oheim, ...
Sensors 15 (9), 24662-24680, 2015
Cortical interneurons migrating on a pure substrate of N-cadherin exhibit fast synchronous centrosomal and nuclear movements and reduced ciliogenesis
C Luccardini, C Leclech, L Viou, JP Rio, C Métin
Frontiers in cellular neuroscience 9, 286, 2015
Diffusion dynamics of glycine receptors revealed by single quantum dot tracking
M Dahan, S Levi, C Luccardini, P Rostaing, MV Ehrensperger, B Riveau, ...
BIOPHYSICAL JOURNAL 86 (1), 363A-363A, 2004
The combined disruption of microfilaments and microtubules affects the distribution and function of GABAA receptors in rat cerebellum granule cells in culture
C Luccardini, S Casagrande, A Cupello, F Pellistri, P Ramoino, M Robello
Neuroscience letters 359 (1-2), 25-28, 2004
Ubiquitination inhibits neuronal exit
C Métin, C Luccardini
Science 330 (6012), 1754-1755, 2010
Immunocytochemical Study of α 1 and β 2/3 Subunits of GABA A Receptors in Freehand Isolated Vestibular Deiters' Neurons
MV Rapallino, A Cupello, C Luccardini, E Nieddu, A Seitun, M Robello
Receptors and Channels 9 (2), 77-81, 2003
Subcellular Distribution of α 1 and β 2/3 GABA A Receptor Subunits in Sensory Neurons of the Bovine Trigeminal Mesencephalic Nucleus: Evidence Suggesting Their Axoplasmic Transport
A Cupello, C Luccardini, MV Rapallino, M Robello, A Seitun
Neurochemical research 29 (7), 1387-1389, 2004
Regulation of the expression of low affinity GABA A receptors in rat cerebellar granule cells
C Luccardini, B Barilà, A Cupello, M Robello, P Mainardi
Amino acids 21 (2), 119-128, 2001
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