David Abookasis
David Abookasis
Dept. of Electrical Engineering, Ariel University
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Computer-generated holograms of three-dimensional objects synthesized from their multiple angular viewpoints
D Abookasis, J Rosen
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Computer-generated holograms of three-dimensional realistic objects recorded without wave interference
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Imaging cortical absorption, scattering, and hemodynamic response during ischemic stroke using spatially modulated near-infrared illumination
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Three types of computer-generated hologram synthesized from multiple angular viewpoints of a three-dimensional scene
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Quantitative in vivo imaging of tissue absorption, scattering, and hemoglobin concentration in rat cortex using spatially modulated structured light
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Seeing through biological tissues using the fly eye principle
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Direct measurements of blood glucose concentration in the presence of saccharide interferences using slope and bias orthogonal signal correction and Fourier transform near …
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Noninvasive optical imaging by speckle ensemble
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Closed head injury-induced changes in brain pathophysiology assessed with near-infrared structured illumination in a mouse model
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Diffuse near-infrared reflectance spectroscopy during heatstroke in a mouse model: pilot study
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Watermarks encrypted in a concealogram and deciphered by a modified joint-transform correlator
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Monitoring hemodynamic and morphologic responses to closed head injury in a mouse model using orthogonal diffuse near-infrared light reflectance spectroscopy
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Optically derived metabolic and hemodynamic parameters predict hippocampal neurogenesis in the BTBR mouse model of autism
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In vivo optical imaging of brain function
DJ Cuccia, D Abookasis, RD Frostig, BJ Tromberg
Experimental demonstration of imaging hidden objects in opaque liquid-based media by fusion of single-shot multiview polarized and unpolarized speckle images
A Scherbakov, K Sheverdin, G Chaimov, M Hakham-Itzhaq, D Abookasis
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Reconstruction enhancement of hidden objects using multiple speckle contrast projections and optical clearing agents
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Performance comparison of iterative algorithms for generating digital correlation holograms used in optical security systems
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Dual-wavelength laser speckle imaging for monitoring brain metabolic and hemodynamic response to closed head traumatic brain injury in mice
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Differential effects of early postinjury treatment with neuroprotective drugs in a mouse model using diffuse reflectance spectroscopy
A Shochat, D Abookasis
Neurophotonics 2 (1), 015001-015001, 2015
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