Chet Moritz
Chet Moritz
Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Rehabilitation Medicine, and Physiology
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Direct control of paralysed muscles by cortical neurons
CT Moritz, SI Perlmutter, EE Fetz
Nature 456 (7222), 639-642, 2008
Discharge rate variability influences the variation in force fluctuations across the working range of a hand muscle
CT Moritz, BK Barry, MA Pascoe, RM Enoka
Journal of neurophysiology, 2005
Passive dynamics change leg mechanics for an unexpected surface during human hopping
CT Moritz, CT Farley
Journal of Applied Physiology 97 (4), 1313-1322, 2004
The Neurochip BCI: towards a neural prosthesis for upper limb function
A Jackson, CT Moritz, J Mavoori, TH Lucas, EE Fetz
IEEE Transactions on Neural Systems and Rehabilitation Engineering 14 (2 …, 2006
Increased anatomical specificity of neuromodulation via modulated focused ultrasound
E Mehić, JM Xu, CJ Caler, NK Coulson, CT Moritz, PD Mourad
PloS one 9 (2), e86939, 2014
Human hopping on very soft elastic surfaces: implications for muscle pre-stretch and elastic energy storage in locomotion
CT Moritz, CT Farley
Journal of experimental biology 208 (5), 939-949, 2005
Forelimb movements and muscle responses evoked by microstimulation of cervical spinal cord in sedated monkeys
CT Moritz, TH Lucas, SI Perlmutter, EE Fetz
Journal of neurophysiology 97 (1), 110-120, 2007
Human hopping on damped surfaces: strategies for adjusting leg mechanics
CT Moritz, CT Farley
Proceedings of the Royal Society of London. Series B: Biological Sciences …, 2003
Caudalized human iPSC-derived neural progenitor cells produce neurons and glia but fail to restore function in an early chronic spinal cord injury model
SE Nutt, EA Chang, ST Suhr, LO Schlosser, SE Mondello, CT Moritz, ...
Experimental neurology 248, 491-503, 2013
Prolonged muscle vibration increases stretch reflex amplitude, motor unit discharge rate, and force fluctuations in a hand muscle
M Shinohara, CT Moritz, MA Pascoe, RM Enoka
Journal of Applied Physiology 99 (5), 1835-1842, 2005
Flexible and stretchable nanowire-coated fibers for optoelectronic probing of spinal cord circuits
C Lu, S Park, TJ Richner, A Derry, I Brown, C Hou, S Rao, J Kang, ...
Science advances 3 (3), e1600955, 2017
Neuromuscular changes for hopping on a range of damped surfaces
CT Moritz, SM Greene, CT Farley
Journal of Applied Physiology 96 (5), 1996-2004, 2004
Volitional control of single cortical neurons in a brain–machine interface
CT Moritz, EE Fetz
Journal of neural engineering 8 (2), 025017, 2011
Cervical intraspinal microstimulation evokes robust forelimb movements before and after injury
MD Sunshine, FS Cho, DR Lockwood, AS Fechko, MR Kasten, CT Moritz
Journal of neural engineering 10 (3), 036001, 2013
Robust passive dynamics of the musculoskeletal system compensate for unexpected surface changes during human hopping
MM Van Der Krogt, WW De Graaf, CT Farley, CT Moritz, ...
Journal of applied physiology 107 (3), 801-808, 2009
Therapeutic intraspinal microstimulation improves forelimb function after cervical contusion injury
MR Kasten, MD Sunshine, ES Secrist, PJ Horner, CT Moritz
Journal of neural engineering 10 (4), 044001, 2013
Therapeutic intraspinal stimulation to generate activity and promote long-term recovery
SE Mondello, MR Kasten, PJ Horner, CT Moritz
Frontiers in neuroscience 8, 21, 2014
Coherence at 16-32 Hz can be caused by short-term synchrony of motor units
CT Moritz, EA Christou, FG Meyer, RM Enoka
Journal of neurophysiology 94 (1), 105-118, 2005
Transcutaneous electrical spinal stimulation promotes long-term recovery of upper extremity function in chronic tetraplegia
F Inanici, S Samejima, P Gad, VR Edgerton, CP Hofstetter, CT Moritz
IEEE Transactions on Neural Systems and Rehabilitation Engineering 26 (6 …, 2018
Preliminary investigation of an electromyography-controlled video game as a home program for persons in the chronic phase of stroke recovery
EVD Brown, SW McCoy, AS Fechko, R Price, T Gilbertson, CT Moritz
Archives of physical medicine and rehabilitation 95 (8), 1461-1469, 2014
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