Eva Gonzalez Noya
Eva Gonzalez Noya
Instituto de Química-Física Rocasolano (CSIC)
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Determination of phase diagrams via computer simulation: methodology and applications to water, electrolytes and proteins
C Vega, E Sanz, JLF Abascal, EG Noya
Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 20 (15), 153101, 2008
Reversible self-assembly of patchy particles into monodisperse icosahedral clusters
AW Wilber, JPK Doye, AA Louis, EG Noya, MA Miller, P Wong
The Journal of chemical physics 127 (8), 08B618, 2007
Controlling crystallization and its absence: proteins, colloids and patchy models
JPK Doye, AA Louis, IC Lin, LR Allen, EG Noya, AW Wilber, HC Kok, ...
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 9 (18), 2197-2205, 2007
Anomalies in water as obtained from computer simulations of the TIP4P/2005 model: density maxima, and density, isothermal compressibility and heat capacity minima
HL Pi, JL Aragones, C Vega, EG Noya, JLF Abascal, MA Gonzalez, ...
Molecular Physics 107 (4-6), 365-374, 2009
Revisiting the Frenkel-Ladd method to compute the free energy of solids: The Einstein molecule approach
C Vega, EG Noya
The Journal of chemical physics 127 (15), 154113, 2007
Heat capacity of water: A signature of nuclear quantum effects
C Vega, MM Conde, C McBride, JLF Abascal, EG Noya, R Ramírez, ...
The Journal of chemical physics 132 (4), 046101, 2010
The stability of a crystal with diamond structure for patchy particles with tetrahedral symmetry
EG Noya, C Vega, JPK Doye, AA Louis
The Journal of chemical physics 132 (23), 234511, 2010
Determination of the melting point of hard spheres from direct coexistence simulation methods
EG Noya, C Vega, E de Miguel
The Journal of chemical physics 128 (15), 154507, 2008
Geometric magic numbers of sodium clusters: Interpretation of the melting behaviour
EG Noya, JPK Doye, DJ Wales, A Aguado
The European Physical Journal D 43 (1), 57-60, 2007
Micelle-directed chiral seeded growth on anisotropic gold nanocrystals
G González-Rubio, J Mosquera, V Kumar, A Pedrazo-Tardajos, ...
Science 368 (6498), 1472-1477, 2020
Local order parameters for use in driving homogeneous ice nucleation with all-atom models of water
A Reinhardt, JPK Doye, EG Noya, C Vega
The Journal of chemical physics 137 (19), 194504, 2012
Phase diagram of model anisotropic particles with octahedral symmetry
EG Noya, C Vega, JPK Doye, AA Louis
The Journal of chemical physics 127 (5), 054501, 2007
Thermal conductivity of carbon nanotube peapods
EG Noya, D Srivastava, LA Chernozatonskii, M Menon
Physical Review B 70 (11), 115416, 2004
Disconnecting symmetry breaking from seeded growth for the reproducible synthesis of high quality gold nanorods
G Gonzalez-Rubio, V Kumar, P Llombart, P Diaz-Nunez, E Bladt, ...
ACS nano 13 (4), 4424-4435, 2019
Structural transitions in the 309-atom magic number Lennard-Jones cluster
EG Noya, JPK Doye
The Journal of chemical physics 124 (10), 104503, 2006
The phase diagram of water at high pressures as obtained by computer simulations of the TIP4P/2005 model: the appearance of a plastic crystal phase
JL Aragones, MM Conde, EG Noya, C Vega
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 11 (3), 543-555, 2009
Quantum contributions in the ice phases: The path to a new empirical model for water—TIP4PQ/2005
C McBride, C Vega, EG Noya, R Ramírez, LM Sesé
The Journal of chemical physics 131 (2), 024506, 2009
Computing the free energy of molecular solids by the Einstein molecule approach: Ices XIII and XIV, hard-dumbbells and a patchy model of proteins
EG Noya, MM Conde, C Vega
The Journal of chemical physics 129 (10), 104704, 2008
Theoretical study of the melting of aluminum clusters
EG Noya, JPK Doye, F Calvo
Physical Review B 73 (12), 125407, 2006
Heat-pulse rectification in carbon nanotube Y junctions
EG Noya, D Srivastava, M Menon
Physical Review B 79 (11), 115432, 2009
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