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Zhengping Jiang
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Efficient and realistic device modeling from atomic detail to the nanoscale
JE Fonseca, T Kubis, M Povolotskyi, B Novakovic, A Ajoy, G Hegde, ...
Journal of Computational Electronics 12 (4), 592-600, 2013
Empirical tight binding parameters for GaAs and MgO with explicit basis through DFT mapping
Y Tan, M Povolotskyi, T Kubis, Y He, Z Jiang, G Klimeck, TB Boykin
Journal of Computational Electronics 12, 56-60, 2013
STT-MRAM design technology co-optimization for hardware neural networks
N Xu, Y Lu, W Qi, Z Jiang, X Peng, F Chen, J Wang, W Choi, S Yu, DS Kim
2018 IEEE International Electron Devices Meeting (IEDM), 15.3. 1-15.3. 4, 2018
Grain-boundary resistance in copper interconnects: From an atomistic model to a neural network
D Valencia, E Wilson, Z Jiang, GA Valencia-Zapata, KC Wang, G Klimeck, ...
Physical review applied 9 (4), 044005, 2018
Effects of interface disorder on valley splitting in SiGe/Si/SiGe quantum wells
Z Jiang, N Kharche, T Boykin, G Klimeck
Applied Physics Letters 100 (10), 2012
Design, fabrication, and analysis of p-channel arsenide/antimonide hetero-junction tunnel transistors
B Rajamohanan, D Mohata, Y Zhu, M Hudait, Z Jiang, M Hollander, ...
Journal of Applied Physics 115 (4), 2014
Nemo5, a parallel, multiscale, multiphysics nanoelectronics modeling tool
J Sellier, J Fonseca, TC Kubis, M Povolotskyi, Y He, H Ilatikhameneh, ...
Proc. SISPAD, 1-4, 2012
Million atom electronic structure and device calculations on peta-scale computers
S Lee, H Ryu, Z Jiang, G Klimeck
2009 13th International Workshop on Computational Electronics, 1-4, 2009
Quantum transport in AlGaSb/InAs TFETs with gate field in-line with tunneling direction
Z Jiang, Y Lu, Y Tan, Y He, M Povolotskyi, T Kubis, AC Seabaugh, P Fay, ...
IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices 62 (8), 2445-2449, 2015
Scaling effect on specific contact resistivity in nano-scale metal-semiconductor contacts
SH Park, N Kharche, D Basu, Z Jiang, SK Nayak, CE Weber, G Hegde, ...
71st Device Research Conference, 125-126, 2013
Anisotropic strain in SmSe and SmTe: Implications for electronic transport
MA Kuroda, Z Jiang, M Povolotskyi, G Klimeck, DM Newns, GJ Martyna
Physical Review B 90 (24), 245124, 2014
Comprehensive simulation study of direct source-to-drain tunneling in ultra-scaled Si, Ge, and III-V DG-FETs
Z Jiang, J Wang, HH Park, AT Pham, N Xu, Y Lu, S Jin, W Choi, ...
IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices 64 (3), 945-952, 2017
Surface passivation in empirical tight binding
Y He, Y Tan, Z Jiang, M Povolotskyi, G Klimeck, T Kubis
IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices 63 (3), 954-958, 2016
Tunneling and short channel effects in ultrascaled InGaAs double gate MOSFETs
Z Jiang, B Behin-Aein, Z Krivokapic, M Povolotskyi, G Klimeck
IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices 62 (2), 525-531, 2015
Electron transport in nano-scaled piezoelectronic devices
Z Jiang, MA Kuroda, Y Tan, DM Newns, M Povolotskyi, TB Boykin, T Kubis, ...
Applied Physics Letters 102 (19), 2013
Anomalously large resistance at the charge neutrality point in a zero-gap InAs/GaSb bilayer
W Yu, V Clericò, CH Fuentevilla, X Shi, Y Jiang, D Saha, WK Lou, ...
New Journal of Physics 20 (5), 053062, 2018
Resonant tunneling diode simulation with NEGF
HH Park, Z Jiang, AG Akkala, S Steiger, M Povolotskyi, TC Kubis, ...
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Grain boundary resistance in nanoscale copper interconnections
D Valencia, E Wilson, P Sarangapani, GA Valencia-Zapata, G Klimeck, ...
2016 International Conference on Simulation of Semiconductor Processes and …, 2016
System and method for circuit simulation based on recurrent neural networks
XU Nuo, Z Jiang, W Qi, J Wang, C Woosung
US Patent 10,621,494, 2020
Performance degradation of superlattice MOSFETs due to scattering in the contacts
P Long, JZ Huang, Z Jiang, G Klimeck, MJW Rodwell, M Povolotskyi
Journal of Applied Physics 120 (22), 2016
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