Fabio Cicoira
Fabio Cicoira
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Organic light emitting field effect transistors: advances and perspectives
F Cicoira, C Santato
Advanced Functional Materials 17 (17), 3421-3434, 2007
Melanins and melanogenesis: from pigment cells to human health and technological applications
M d'Ischia, K Wakamatsu, F Cicoira, E Di Mauro, JC Garcia‐Borron, ...
Pigment cell & melanoma research 28 (5), 520-544, 2015
A novel route to extreme vacua: the non-evaporable getter thin film coatings
C Benvenuti, JM Cazeneuve, P Chiggiato, F Cicoira, AE Santana, ...
Vacuum 53 (1-2), 219-225, 1999
Decreasing surface outgassing by thin film getter coatings
C Benvenuti, P Chiggiato, F Cicoira, V Ruzinov
Vacuum 50 (1-2), 57-63, 1998
Influence of device geometry on sensor characteristics of planar organic electrochemical transistors
F Cicoira, M Sessolo, O Yaghmazadeh, JA DeFranco, SY Yang, ...
Advanced Materials 22 (9), 1012-1016, 2010
Nonevaporable getter films for ultrahigh vacuum applications
C Benvenuti, P Chiggiato, F Cicoira, Y L’Aminot
Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology A: Vacuum, Surfaces, and Films 16 (1 …, 1998
New opportunities for organic electronics and bioelectronics: ions in action
G Tarabella, FM Mohammadi, N Coppede, F Barbero, S Iannotta, ...
Chemical Science 4 (4), 1395-1409, 2013
Two-dimensional structural motif in thienoacene semiconductors: Synthesis, structure, and properties of tetrathienoanthracene isomers
JL Brusso, OD Hirst, A Dadvand, S Ganesan, F Cicoira, CM Robertson, ...
Chemistry of Materials 20 (7), 2484-2494, 2008
Protonic and electronic transport in hydrated thin films of the pigment eumelanin
J Wünsche, Y Deng, P Kumar, E Di Mauro, E Josberger, J Sayago, ...
Chemistry of Materials 27 (2), 436-442, 2015
Morphology and Field‐Effect‐Transistor Mobility in Tetracene Thin Films
F Cicoira, C Santato, F Dinelli, M Murgia, MA Loi, F Biscarini, R Zamboni, ...
Advanced functional materials 15 (3), 375-380, 2005
Effect of the gate electrode on the response of organic electrochemical transistors
G Tarabella, C Santato, SY Yang, S Iannotta, GG Malliaras, F Cicoira
Applied Physics Letters 97 (12), 205, 2010
Step-by-step growth of epitaxially aligned polythiophene by surface-confined reaction
JA Lipton-Duffin, JA Miwa, M Kondratenko, F Cicoira, BG Sumpter, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 107 (25), 11200-11204, 2010
Solvent-induced changes in PEDOT: PSS films for organic electrochemical transistors
S Zhang, P Kumar, AS Nouas, L Fontaine, H Tang, F Cicoira
APL materials 3 (1), 014911, 2015
Tetracene-based organic light-emitting transistors: optoelectronic properties and electron injection mechanism
C Santato, R Capelli, MA Loi, M Murgia, F Cicoira, VAL Roy, P Stallinga, ...
Synthetic Metals 146 (3), 329-334, 2004
Organic light‐emitting transistors based on solution‐cast and vacuum‐sublimed films of a rigid core thiophene oligomer
F Cicoira, C Santato, M Melucci, L Favaretto, M Gazzano, M Muccini, ...
Advanced Materials 18 (2), 169-174, 2006
Electrochemical transistors with ionic liquids for enzymatic sensing
SY Yang, F Cicoira, R Byrne, F Benito-Lopez, D Diamond, RM Owens, ...
Chemical Communications 46 (42), 7972-7974, 2010
Two-dimensional nanotemplates as surface cues for the controlled assembly of organic molecules
F Cicoira, C Santato, F Rosei
Stm and Afm Studies on (bio) molecular systems: Unravelling the nanoworld …, 2008
Heterocirculenes as a new class of organic semiconductors
A Dadvand, F Cicoira, KY Chernichenko, ES Balenkova, RM Osuna, ...
Chemical communications, 5354-5356, 2008
Melanin-based flexible supercapacitors
P Kumar, E Di Mauro, S Zhang, A Pezzella, F Soavi, C Santato, F Cicoira
Journal of Materials Chemistry C 4 (40), 9516-9525, 2016
Optimization of organic electrochemical transistors for sensor applications
O Yaghmazadeh, F Cicoira, DA Bernards, SY Yang, Y Bonnassieux, ...
Journal of Polymer Science Part B: Polymer Physics 49 (1), 34-39, 2011
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