Yuhua Cheng
Yuhua Cheng
Professor of School of Automation Engineering, University of Electronic Science and Technology of
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The Schistosoma japonicum genome reveals features of host-parasite interplay
Y Zhou, H Zheng, X Chen, L Zhang, K Wang, J Guo, Z Huang, B Zhang, ...
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Short-term solar power forecasting based on weighted Gaussian process regression
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西门子 s7—200 工程应用实例分析
北 京: 电 子 工 业 出, 2008
西门子 s7—200 工程应用实例分析
北 京: 电 子 工 业 出, 2008
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Application of the magneto-optic Faraday effect in NDT
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Research on damages evaluation method with multi-objective feature extraction optimization scheme for M/OD impact risk assessment
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Magneto-optic microscope for visually detecting subsurface defects
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Improvement of the grid-connect current quality using novel proportional-integral controller for photovoltaic inverters
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Solenoid model for visualizing magnetic flux leakage testing of complex defects
Y Cheng, Y Wang, H Yu, Y Zhang, J Zhang, Q Yang, H Sheng, L Bai
Ndt & E International 100, 166-174, 2018
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