Phuc Toan Dang
Phuc Toan Dang
Department of Electronic Engineering
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Enhancement of monolayer SnSe light absorption by strain engineering: a DFT calculation
TV Vu, HD Tong, TK Nguyen, CV Nguyen, AA Lavrentyev, OY Khyzhun, ...
Chemical Physics 521, 5-13, 2019
Electronic properties and optical behaviors of bulk and monolayer ZrS2: A theoretical investigation
TV Vu, AA Lavrentyev, DV Thuan, CV Nguyen, OY Khyzhun, ...
Superlattices and Microstructures 125, 205-213, 2019
Numerical design of thin perovskite solar cell with fiber array-based anti-reflection front electrode for light-trapping enhancement
TK Nguyen, PT Dang, KQ Le
Journal of Optics 18 (12), 125901, 2016
Asymmetrically engineered metallic nanodisk clusters for plasmonic Fano resonance generation
TK Nguyen, TD Le, PT Dang, KQ Le
JOSA B 34 (3), 668-672, 2017
A designed broadband absorber based on ENZ mode incorporating plasmonic metasurfaces
PT Dang, KQ Le, JH Lee, TK Nguyen
Micromachines 10 (10), 673, 2019
Broadband THz radiation through tapered semiconductor gratings on high-index substrate
TK Nguyen, PT Dang, I Park, KQ Le
JOSA B 34 (3), 583-589, 2017
Revisited design optimization of metallic gratings for plasmonic light-trapping enhancement in thin organic solar cells
PT Dang, TK Nguyen, KQ Le
Optics Communications 382, 241-245, 2017
First-principles prediction of chemically functionalized InN monolayers: electronic and optical properties
TV Vu, KD Pham, TN Pham, DD Vo, PT Dang, CV Nguyen, HV Phuc, ...
RSC Advances 10 (18), 10731-10739, 2020
Guided-mode resonance filter with ultra-narrow bandwidth over the visible frequencies for label-free optical biosensor
PT Dang, KQ Le, QM Ngo, HPT Nguyen, TK Nguyen
Journal of Advanced Engineering and Computation 3 (2), 406-414, 2019
Efficient broadband truncated-pyramid-based metamaterial absorber in the visible and near-infrared regions
PT Dang, TV Vu, J Kim, J Park, VC Nguyen, DD Vo, TK Nguyen, KQ Le, ...
Crystals 10 (9), 784, 2020
Tuning the electronic, photocatalytic and optical properties of hydrogenated InN monolayer by biaxial strain and electric field
KD Pham, TV Vu, TN Pham, DD Vo, PT Dang, DM Hoat, CV Nguyen, ...
Chemical Physics 532, 110677, 2020
Epsilon-near-zero enhanced plasmonic Brewster transmission through subwavelength tapered metallic gratings
PT Dang, TK Nguyen, KQ Le, TT Pham
Journal of the Korean Physical Society 72 (1), 38-44, 2018
Ultra-broadband metamaterial absorber for high solar thermal energy conversion efficiency
PT Dang, J Kim, TK Nguyen, KQ Le, JH Lee
Physica B: Condensed Matter 620, 413261, 2021
First Principles Study on Electronic and Optical Properties of Quinary Copper-based Sulfides and Selenides Cu2HgGe (S1-xSex) 4
PD Khang, VD Dat, DP Toan, V Van Tuan
VNU Journal of Science: Mathematics-Physics 37 (1), 2021
Dielectric and electrooptical properties of hockey-stick-shaped liquid crystal with a negative dielectric anisotropy
PT Dang, AK Srivastava, EJ Choi, JH Lee
Current Applied Physics 23, 8-14, 2021
Application of a ZnO nanorod layer to display retarder: dependence of the optical property on synthesis conditions
J Kim, PT Dang, M Zumuukhorol, TV Cuong, CH Hong, JH Lee
Optical Materials Express 10 (12), 3315-3327, 2020
Optimally designed narrowband guided-mode resonance transmittance filters for label-free optical biosensor
PT Dang, JH Lee
Optical Components and Materials XVII 11276,, 2020
An Investigation on the Effect of Bending on the Circular Polarizer of an Organic Light Emitting Diode Display
PT Dang, J Park, JH Lee
International Display Workshops (IDW '19) 26 (OLED3 - 2), …, 2019
Improved optical transmission through tapered metallic gratings at the plasmonic Brewster channel
PT Dang, NH Dang, N Van Khoe, KQ Le
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