Parag Gad
Parag Gad
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Noninvasive reactivation of motor descending control after paralysis
YP Gerasimenko, DC Lu, M Modaber, S Zdunowski, P Gad, DG Sayenko, ...
Journal of neurotrauma 32 (24), 1968-1980, 2015
Transcutaneous electrical spinal-cord stimulation in humans
Y Gerasimenko, R Gorodnichev, T Moshonkina, D Sayenko, P Gad, ...
Annals of physical and rehabilitation medicine 58 (4), 225-231, 2015
Enabling task-specific volitional motor functions via spinal cord neuromodulation in a human with paraplegia
PJ Grahn, IA Lavrov, DG Sayenko, MG Van Straaten, ML Gill, ...
Mayo Clinic Proceedings 92 (4), 544-554, 2017
Development of a multi-electrode array for spinal cord epidural stimulation to facilitate stepping and standing after a complete spinal cord injury in adult rats
P Gad, J Choe, MS Nandra, H Zhong, RR Roy, YC Tai, VR Edgerton
Journal of neuroengineering and rehabilitation 10 (1), 1-18, 2013
Use of quadrupedal step training to re-engage spinal interneuronal networks and improve locomotor function after spinal cord injury
PK Shah, G Garcia-Alias, J Choe, P Gad, Y Gerasimenko, N Tillakaratne, ...
Brain 136 (11), 3362-3377, 2013
And yet it moves: recovery of volitional control after spinal cord injury
G Taccola, D Sayenko, P Gad, Y Gerasimenko, VR Edgerton
Progress in neurobiology 160, 64-81, 2018
A fully-integrated high-compliance voltage SoC for epi-retinal and neural prostheses
YK Lo, K Chen, P Gad, W Liu
IEEE transactions on biomedical circuits and systems 7 (6), 761-772, 2013
Weight bearing over-ground stepping in an exoskeleton with non-invasive spinal cord neuromodulation after motor complete paraplegia
P Gad, Y Gerasimenko, S Zdunowski, A Turner, D Sayenko, DC Lu, ...
Frontiers in neuroscience 11, 333, 2017
Non-invasive activation of cervical spinal networks after severe paralysis
P Gad, S Lee, N Terrafranca, H Zhong, A Turner, Y Gerasimenko, ...
Journal of neurotrauma 35 (18), 2145-2158, 2018
Transcutaneous electrical spinal stimulation promotes long-term recovery of upper extremity function in chronic tetraplegia
F Inanici, S Samejima, P Gad, VR Edgerton, CP Hofstetter, CT Moritz
IEEE Transactions on Neural Systems and Rehabilitation Engineering 26 (6 …, 2018
Initiation of bladder voiding with epidural stimulation in paralyzed, step trained rats
PN Gad, RR Roy, H Zhong, DC Lu, YP Gerasimenko, VR Edgerton
PloS one 9 (9), e108184, 2014
Sub-threshold spinal cord stimulation facilitates spontaneous motor activity in spinal rats
P Gad, J Choe, P Shah, G Garcia-Alias, M Rath, Y Gerasimenko, H Zhong, ...
Journal of neuroengineering and rehabilitation 10 (1), 1-9, 2013
Integration of sensory, spinal, and volitional descending inputs in regulation of human locomotion
Y Gerasimenko, P Gad, D Sayenko, Z McKinney, R Gorodnichev, A Puhov, ...
Journal of neurophysiology 116 (1), 98-105, 2016
A fully integrated wireless SoC for motor function recovery after spinal cord injury
YK Lo, YC Kuan, S Culaclii, B Kim, PM Wang, CW Chang, JA Massachi, ...
IEEE transactions on Biomedical Circuits and Systems 11 (3), 497-509, 2017
Neuromodulation of the neural circuits controlling the lower urinary tract
PN Gad, RR Roy, H Zhong, YP Gerasimenko, G Taccola, VR Edgerton
Experimental neurology 285, 182-189, 2016
Non-invasive neuromodulation of spinal cord restores lower urinary tract function after paralysis
PN Gad, E Kreydin, H Zhong, K Latack, VR Edgerton
Frontiers in neuroscience 12, 432, 2018
Epidural stimulation for facilitation of locomotion, posture, voluntary movement, and recovery of autonomic, sexual, vasomotor, and cognitive function after neurological injury
VR Edgerton, RR Roy, Y Gerasimenko, JW Burdick, P Gad, ...
US Patent App. 14/880,100, 2016
Neuromodulation of motor-evoked potentials during stepping in spinal rats
P Gad, I Lavrov, P Shah, H Zhong, RR Roy, VR Edgerton, Y Gerasimenko
Journal of neurophysiology 110 (6), 1311-1322, 2013
22.2 A 176-channel 0.5 cm3 0.7 g wireless implant for motor function recovery after spinal cord injury
YK Lo, CW Chang, YC Kuan, S Culaclii, B Kim, K Chen, P Gad, ...
2016 IEEE International Solid-State Circuits Conference (ISSCC), 382-383, 2016
Forelimb EMG-based trigger to control an electronic spinal bridge to enable hindlimb stepping after a complete spinal cord lesion in rats
P Gad, J Woodbridge, I Lavrov, H Zhong, RR Roy, M Sarrafzadeh, ...
Journal of NeuroEngineering and Rehabilitation 9 (1), 38, 2012
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