Dr. Boris Goldengorin
Dr. Boris Goldengorin
Professor of Operations Research, University of Baltimore
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The data-correcting algorithm for the minimization of supermodular functions
B Goldengorin, G Sierksma, GA Tijssen, M Tso
Management Science 45 (11), 1539-1551, 1999
Branch and peg algorithms for the simple plant location problem
B Goldengorin, D Ghosh, G Sierksma
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Improvements to MCS algorithm for the maximum clique problem
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Tolerances applied in combinatorial optimization
B Goldengorin, G Jäger, P Molitor
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Network approach for the Russian stock market
A Vizgunov, B Goldengorin, V Kalyagin, A Koldanov, P Koldanov, ...
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Solving the simple plant location problem using a data correcting approach
B Goldengorin, GA Tijssen, D Ghosh, G Sierksma
Journal of Global Optimization 25 (4), 377-406, 2003
Requirements of standards: optimization models and algorithms
B Goldengorin
Russian Operation Research Company, 1995
Branch and peg algorithms for the simple plant location problem
B Goldengorin, D Ghosh, G Sierksma
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PM Pardalos, JC Príncipe
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Worst case analysis of max-regret, greedy, and other heuristics for multidimensional assignment and traveling salesman problems
G Gutin, B Goldengorin, H J.
Journal of Heuristics, 169 - 181, 2008
Cell formation in industrial engineering
B Goldengorin, D Krushinsky, PM Pardalos
name Springer Optimization and Its Applications, 2013
An exact model for cell formation in group technology
D Krushinsky, B Goldengorin
Computational Management Science 9 (3), 323-338, 2012
Tolerance based algorithms for the ATSP
B Goldengorin, G Sierksma, M Turkensteen
International Workshop on Graph-Theoretic Concepts in Computer Science, 222-234, 2004
Data aggregation for p-median problems
BF Albdaiwi, D Ghosh, B Goldengorin
Journal of Combinatorial Optimization 21 (3), 348-363, 2011
Flexible PMP approach for large-size cell formation
B Goldengorin, D Krushinsky, J Slomp
Operations research 60 (5), 1157-1166, 2012
Complexity evaluation of benchmark instances for the p-median problem
B Goldengorin, D Krushinsky
Mathematical and Computer Modelling 53 (9-10), 1719-1736, 2011
Using bipartite and multidimensional matching to select the roots of a system of polynomial equations
H Bekker, EP Braad, B Goldengorin
International Conference on Computational Science and Its Applications, 397-406, 2005
Some basics on tolerances
B Goldengorin, G Jäger, P Molitor
International Conference on Algorithmic Applications in Management, 194-206, 2006
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