Andreas Glatz
Andreas Glatz
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Aspects of quantum work
P Talkner, P Hänggi
Physical Review E 93 (2), 022131, 2016
Vortices in high-performance high-temperature superconductors
WK Kwok, U Welp, A Glatz, AE Koshelev, KJ Kihlstrom, GW Crabtree
Reports on Progress in Physics 79 (11), 116501, 2016
Superconducting phase transitions in ultrathin TiN films
TI Baturina, SV Postolova, AY Mironov, A Glatz, MR Baklanov, VM Vinokur
EPL (Europhysics Letters) 97 (1), 17012, 2012
Fluctuation spectroscopy of disordered two-dimensional superconductors
A Glatz, AA Varlamov, VM Vinokur
Physical Review B 84 (10), 104510, 2011
Stable large-scale solver for Ginzburg–Landau equations for superconductors
IA Sadovskyy, AE Koshelev, CL Phillips, DA Karpeyev, A Glatz
Journal of Computational Physics 294, 639-654, 2015
Models for the magnetic ac susceptibility of granular superferromagnetic Co Fe∕ Al 2 O 3
O Petracic, A Glatz, W Kleemann
Physical Review B 70 (21), 214432, 2004
Domain wall depinning in random media by ac fields
A Glatz, T Nattermann, V Pokrovsky
Physical review letters 90 (4), 047201, 2003
Toward superconducting critical current by design
IA Sadovskyy, Y Jia, M Leroux, J Kwon, H Hu, L Fang, C Chaparro, S Zhu, ...
Advanced Materials 28 (23), 4593-4600, 2016
Optimization of vortex pinning by nanoparticles using simulations of the time-dependent Ginzburg-Landau model
AE Koshelev, IA Sadovskyy, CL Phillips, A Glatz
Physical Review B 93 (6), 060508, 2016
Fluctuation spectroscopy: From Rayleigh-Jeans waves to Abrikosov vortex clusters
AA Varlamov, A Galda, A Glatz
Reviews of Modern Physics 90 (1), 015009, 2018
Spontaneous emergence of modularity in a model of evolving individuals and in real networks
J He, J Sun, MW Deem
Physical Review E 79 (3), 031907, 2009
Model for dynamic self-assembled magnetic surface structures
M Belkin, A Glatz, A Snezhko, IS Aranson
Physical Review E 82 (1), 015301, 2010
Dirac fermions and superconductivity in the homologous structures ()
L Fang, CC Stoumpos, Y Jia, A Glatz, DY Chung, H Claus, U Welp, ...
Physical Review B 90 (2), 020504, 2014
Phase imprinting in equilibrating Fermi gases: The transience of vortex rings and other defects
P Scherpelz, K Padavić, A Rançon, A Glatz, IS Aranson, K Levin
Physical review letters 113 (12), 125301, 2014
Simulation of the Vortex Dynamics in a Real Pinning Landscape of Coated Conductors
IA Sadovskyy, AE Koshelev, A Glatz, V Ortalan, MW Rupich, M Leroux
Physical Review Applied 5 (1), 014011, 2016
Statistics of the subgap states of s±superconductors
A Glatz, AE Koshelev
Physical Review B 82 (1), 012507, 2010
Electron transport in nanogranular ferromagnets
IS Beloborodov, A Glatz, VM Vinokur
Physical review letters 99 (6), 066602, 2007
Strong-pinning regimes by spherical inclusions in anisotropic type-II superconductors
R Willa, AE Koshelev, IA Sadovskyy, A Glatz
Superconductor Science and Technology 31 (1), 014001, 2017
Effect of hexagonal patterned arrays and defect geometry on the critical current of superconducting films
IA Sadovskyy, YL Wang, ZL Xiao, WK Kwok, A Glatz
Physical Review B 95 (7), 075303, 2017
Thermoelectric properties of granular metals
A Glatz, IS Beloborodov
Physical Review B 79 (4), 041404, 2009
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