Mathieu Piednoël
Mathieu Piednoël
Post-doctoral fellow, Genome Plasticity and Computational Genetics, Max Planck Institute for Plant
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The Physcomitrella patens chromosome‐scale assembly reveals moss genome structure and evolution
D Lang, KK Ullrich, F Murat, J Fuchs, J Jenkins, FB Haas, M Piednoel, ...
The Plant Journal 93 (3), 515-533, 2018
findGSE: estimating genome size variation within human and Arabidopsis using k-mer frequencies
H Sun, J Ding, M Piednoël, K Schneeberger
Bioinformatics 34 (4), 550-557, 2017
Genome expansion of Arabis alpina linked with retrotransposition and reduced symmetric DNA methylation
EM Willing, V Rawat, T Mandáková, F Maumus, GV James, ...
Nature Plants 1 (2), 14023, 2015
Improving and correcting the contiguity of long-read genome assemblies of three plant species using optical mapping and chromosome conformation capture data
WB Jiao, GG Accinelli, B Hartwig, C Kiefer, D Baker, E Severing, ...
Genome Research 27 (5), 778-786, 2017
Genomic Repeat Abundances Contain Phylogenetic Signal
S Dodsworth, MW Chase, LJ Kelly, IJ Leitch, J Macas, P Novák, ...
Systematic biology 64 (1), 112-126, 2015
Next-generation sequencing reveals the impact of repetitive DNA across phylogenetically closely related genomes of Orobanchaceae
M Piednoël, AJ Aberer, GM Schneeweiss, J Macas, P Novak, H Gundlach, ...
Molecular biology and evolution 29 (11), 3601-3611, 2012
Characterization of the LTR retrotransposon repertoire of a plant clade of six diploid and one tetraploid species.
M Piednoël, G Carrete-Vega, SS Renner
The Plant Journal, 2013
Eukaryote DIRS1-like retrotransposons: an overview
M Piednoël, IR Gonçalves, D Higuet, E Bonnivard
BMC genomics 12 (1), 621, 2011
Combination of different molecular mechanisms leading to fluconazole resistance in a Candida lusitaniae clinical isolate
D Reboutier, M Piednoël, S Boisnard, A Conti, V Chevalier, M Florent, ...
Diagnostic microbiology and infectious disease 63 (2), 188-193, 2009
Mollusc genomes reveal variability in patterns of LTR-retrotransposons dynamics
C Thomas-Bulle, M Piednoël, T Donnart, J Filée, D Jollivet, É Bonnivard
BMC genomics 19 (1), 821, 2018
DIRS1-like retrotransposons are widely distributed among Decapoda and are particularly present in hydrothermal vent organisms
M Piednoël, E Bonnivard
BMC evolutionary biology 9 (1), 86, 2009
LTR-retrotransposons in R. exoculata and other crustaceans: the outstanding success of GalEa-like copia elements
M Piednoël, T Donnart, C Esnault, P Graça, D Higuet, E Bonnivard
PloS one 8 (3), e57675, 2013
Transposable elements in a clade of three tetraploids and a diploid relative, focusing on Gypsy amplification
M Piednoël, A Sousa, SS Renner
Mobile DNA 6 (1), 1-9, 2015
Filamentous ascomycete genomes provide insights into Copia retrotransposon diversity in fungi
T Donnart, M Piednoël, D Higuet, É Bonnivard
BMC Genomics 18 (1), 410, 2017
Phylogenomics: A Primer.—By Rob DeSalle and Jeffrey A. Rosenfeld.
SS Renner, M Piednoël
Systematic Biology 62 (6), 917-918, 2013
Etude comparative des rétrotransposons DIRS1 dans les génomes de crustacés décapodes et autres eucaryotes
M Piednoël
Paris 6, 2010
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